Saturday, December 20, 2008

Movie Recommendation

We watched Rendition (på svenska: Utlämnad) tonight, a really good movie. There are some big names in it too - Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, Merryl Streep and more. I can warmly recommend it.

Time to watch Evander Holyfield fight some big old Russian dude. Can you believe that Holyfield is born 1962? ....and still fights... and looks great, I may add. It's quite impressive.

A Clip from the Pit Bull Rescue in California

For the people who haven't seen how it actually looked at the Pit Pull Rescue (just north of LA) after the snow storm had hit, take a look here.

ps. be patient, it begins with a short commerical.

Something I hate

You wanna know something I really hate?

I hate that it’s almost standard procedure for Mr. L to fall asleep on top of the bed, without having removed the bed cover. He thinks, I guess, that he’s just gonna lay down and watch some TV but it never fails. He falls asleep. So when it’s time for me to go to bed, I have to semi-wake him up (and he always has some bewildered look in his eye) in hope of being able to roll him over to the side (once to the left, and once to the right) so I can remove the damn cover… and get in bed myself. Ever tried moving 95-100kg (210-220 lbs) of dead weight? You get the pic, right?! ;)

I mean, how hard is it to actually remove a bed cover? You would think that with time, one would learn … considering the statistics clearly show that he is going to fall asleep. :)

Anyone care to explain to me, how this actually works?

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Rockin' Night

I mean, who said you have to sit in front of the TV on a Friday night or be out partying... when in fact you can be busy (at 10:45 P.M.) -

A. Vaccuming (like Mr. L)


B. Studying (like me).

This is what I call a Rockin' Night. ;)

We sent our "sons" off to be with their grandparents for the weekend, so the only baby we have at home is Ior. And he has finally fallen asleep. Cute as a button.

An update on the Villalobos Rescue Center

I just got an e-mail from my friend Susanne who lives in Santa Clarita and apparently the worst is over. They've had no snow since Tuesday night, and sunny weather for the last 2 days. In other words, the worst should be over for the dogs at Villalobos. It was even aired on the local news yesterday, which leads me to assume they received lots of help. If unsure if they still need help, please contact the center.


This message is mainly for residents of LA and/or surrounding areas.

I just read on a blog I recently started visiting about Villalobos Rescue Center in Santa Clarita (it's a pit bull rescue) who are experiencing great problems due to the snow and cold weather. Not sure if they still need help, but here's a copy of the message from the blog I visited:

Villalobos the largest pitbull sanctuary in California located in Santa Clarita needs help RIGHT NOW.

There's a bad freeze and snow situation and all the dogs are housed outdoors. The wind is so bad, making the dogs who are normally quite comfortable very cold. The dogs have blankets in their dog houses, but the high winds are blowing snow into their houses. Dogs are are at the risk of dying as I type this email.

They need blankets, trucks (u-hauls, trailers, ANYTHING), crates, supplies and manpower to take dogs or help gather them into a warm place. Please head over there immediately or call the numbers below. Villalobos Rescue Center Santa Clarita, CA 91390 Tia ph# 661 268-0555


Just got an emergency call from Tia Torres in Agua Dulce. They want to evacuate the dogs from up there. Tia said that they have a foot of snow and they need people who can handle a pit bull to take one or two for the night until the storm passes. She said the dogs are crying and they won't make it through the night. Unfortunately, I am not sure of what roads are open on the 14 fwy which is the only way in there besides a few side roads like Sierra Highway.

Here's her telephone number: 661.268.0555.

***End of message***

For anyone who doesn't know, we got our beloved Carlos from the LA Rottweiler Rescue. All the different rescues are run by some amazingly devoted people. With that said, there may be other rescues effected by this cold weather too, who are in need of help.

Please lend a helping hand if you can...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Big Hole

James and I went for a nice long walk this morning. On our way back home we passed a park and I felt like doing a little obedience with Jay. It’s been weeks since we did any serious obedience training. We did some heel and recall and he was great. The last recall was as good as it possibly can be. Full speed towards me, in on the right side, around me, super duper close to my legs, and bam.. positioned himself in a perfect sit on my left side. EXCELLENT! I still have him come in on my right side, the way they did back in the days instead of the way most people (in Sweden) do today, having the dog both come in and sit down on the left side. I’m sticking to the old way for no other reason than that I really like it, and apparently the old way is still accepted at obedience trials… so … I just love the way it looks…

I made the mistake of getting really happy after the last recall, and I used my voice to show James how content I was with him. BIG MISTAKE! Having a dog with ADHD you don’t want to sound too happy… ever.. .or you’ll have a dog that bounces all over you. James bounced up on me (mud all over me!), wanting something to latch on to (I didn’t have his tug-of-war toy with me) so I used the leash for some tug-of-war. He bounced back up on me again to get the leash, and this time he tore a big hole in my pants (with his paw). Crap! I so loved my pants…so freakn' comfortable.:) Oh well, it was my own fault for getting him so worked up. When I got home it looked like I had been rolling around on a mud field as dirty as I was + a big hole on my right thigh. Pretty! ;)

Why do I always have to get so dirty? It never fails, I’m always the person to get the most dirty. At WP training I am always dirty when I get home, to me it never looks like anyone else is particularly dirty. Obviously it doesn’t help having a bouncing dog, but still… How the heck do I always manage to get so filthy? Hmmmmmm….

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love my brother

Ior is going home on Sunday, let's see what James says about that. The 2 of them have totally connected and truly love each other. We'll see how we feel about it as well... the little man is adorable and one can't help but fall in love with him.

Below is James' bed that's about to get trashed. There is almost no foam left in the "mattress". :) I got him a new bed today, hopefully he'll leave that one alone as far as destroying it goes. Hm, well we'll see about that.

Now, dogs are not allowed up on the coach but apparently James said "screw it" when Ior got up there like it was the most natural thing in the world. lol. The Bros can't be close enough, gotta have physical contact at all times. :)

Film Clips from James' MH

I just downloaded a bunch of pics and clips from Mr. L's camera and found several recordings from James' mental description test that was done back in September.

Below: "the Chase"

Below: "The Ghosts"

Below: Play after the ghosts

Below: "Shots Fired"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adam Walsh case solved

Have you ever watched the show America's Most Wanted? If you have, you know who the host is, John Walsh. His son, Adam, was brutally murdered in 1981. Today- finally - did the case get solved. I was just a kid when I learned about this story, I never could forget about it.

Here's the full story.

Press conference held by John Walsh

Great cities to visit

According to Brooklyn (NY), Providence (RI), and Pasadena (CA) are great cities to live in but not so great to visit apparently.

I’m not surprised about Brooklyn considering it is such a rich cultural “neighborhood” … at the same time, as a visitor/tourist it might be difficult to find all these great places to visit and see. Unless being shown around by people who live there (Mr. L’s family live there).

I have been to Pasadena several times and I love it. It’s right outside the city of LA, even though it feels like it’s far away due to the atmosphere being completely different. It is a super nice place that has a small town feel even though it has lots of great restaurants and stores like any big city.

It’s sort of funny that Providence was on the list too, considering I’ve always had in my mind that it would be great to live there. It seems I was right. ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Mr. L took Jay for a long walk this morning before he headed off for school, while Ior and I stayed in bed. ;) He’s such a sweet puppy. When Jay came back he jumped up in bed with us and we continued to sleep a little longer. I must have slept really bad last night ‘cause my neck is as stiff as can be and I have a horrible headache.

I have lots of school work to do and I need to clean, but so far I have not done any of that. I started some laundry though and I taught Ior the down command (ligg). It took a little while before he finally got it, but I think he knows what it means now. ;)

I did some dumbbell training with James. All obedience training has been on the down for a while... the crappy weather and maybe too much obedience training before made me want a break from it for awhile. However, this morning it felt like lots of fun again. Should start working on some of the exercises we can do inside at least. Like the dumbbell for example.

James is such a proud old bro to Ior. I cannot believe he’s so nice to him, Ior will walk all over James when he’s sleeping and he doesn't even say a word. I never would have guessed that this would have been Jay's reaction to a puppy. Right now they are curled up together on the bed. :)

A flying shoe...

I'm so sorry but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this.... come on, admit it... it's a little bit funny... lol. And damn, President Bush dodged that shoe pretty fast... ;) I'm impressed, I had no clue he had such reflexes. lol.