Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Dog Blogs

I recently found a bunch of new blogs I enjoy visiting - all dog related. Well actually I have found some other ones too but let’s take them another time.

The first blog is not really dog related.. but the "author" posts some cool dog photos at times. ;)
Out & About in New York City

Maybe I'm forgetting someone... but here are some at least… :)

A Dog's Beach - a blog about a bunch of beach dogs enjoying the San Diego Beach. Lots of pics.

B-More Bulldogs - a blog about pit bulls, or more specifically a pit bull named Doc. Great to read ... people need to educate themselves about this breed. The media has done the breed no justice.

Erin Vey - Fine Art Dog Photography - an amazing dog photographer and an owner of a blue Great Dane.

Hawaiian Danes - A blog about 2 Great Danes living in Hawaii.

Earth Dog Life - Wow, these people have 15 or 16 dogs... all rescued. Check it out, and check out their Eco friendly products too.

Nigel, Sola & Co. - a very funny dog blog - great fun to read the stories about 3 fabulous dogs.

Nala - the Rhodesian Ridgeback - a blog about Nala, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Chef - the Boxer - a blog about a handsome Boxer named Chef.

The 2 mighty beans - a blog about a Beagle and a Golden Retriever.

Homer - the Golden Retriever - A Jet-Setting Golden Retriever.

Louis Lane - The adventures of a superpup.

Dughallmor Beagles - a blog about 4 "Scottish" Beagles.

I will add these blogs to my blog links in due time. :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Weekend Plans

We came back from dinner with my cousins, their parents (i.e. my "aunt" & uncle) and my parents a short while ago. We ate soooooo much I could explode any second. ;) One of my cousins, Q, is flying back to New York on Monday where she attends college. It's always great to see them all!

Tomorrow, the Weight Pull Club is resuming after a holiday break. I’m sure Jay will be a happy camper. We actually did some drag weight training this morning … and as always, he’s happy when he’s being put to work. On Sunday I will be attending a class with Jay, it is held in another city about 30 min from here. We will train “show handling” half the day, and the rest of the day obedience. We are taking the class with our very good friends Gabbi & Vilma which will be great fun, looking forward to seeing them again considering we have not seen each other since the Dog Show in the beginning of December.

Other than that, my weekend is filled with school work. I’m in a group with 2 other girls, and we have to be done with this research paper by Monday. And on Monday I need to start another research paper I’m doing by myself. I already have all the empirical data but everything else needs to be done. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
I cannot wait for this to be OVER and DONE with!!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Portrait Pics of Alih

Alih is home....... :)

Alih and I spent some quality time together, just the 2 of us, this morning. I brought the camera since the sun was out and here's a little selection of the pics I took.

ps. The Old Man always has his tongue out and for some reason always manages to be dirty around the mouth and/or eyes. :)

Movie News

Despite being very busy with school I have managed to watch several movies over the Holidays - and up until now. I have always been a movie buff, however, I'm not difficult to entertain as long as it's not science fiction. I love action, comedy and even drama in the right amounts. :) Science fiction I hate .. and yes, the Dark Knight is definitely on the border... which is probably why I fell asleep after awhile... hihi..

These are the latest movies I/we have seen:

Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins
Comedy - with Martin Lawrence
Very funny... my type of humor.

Thriller - with Woody Harrelson
It was good, but a very unexpected movie... it took some turns I wasn't prepared for.

The Bank Job
Action - with Jason Stratham
This was a really good movie. It has similarities to the movie Lock, Stock and Smoking Barrels.

The Dark Knight
Action - with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger
Well, like I said.. maybe not the best movie I have ever seen but I'm sure it may be a great movie for someone else.

Action - with Val Kilmer
This was a movie I loved. Yeeees, lots of action.

Bangkok Dangerous
Action - with Nicolas Cage
It was alright. I mean it was entertaining to a certain degree, but it was bordering being a B-movie.

That's it from Movie News Tonight. ;)


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Play & Drag Weight

It wasn't that cold today, well not cold enough for the extra thick cover to come on. But the T-shirt did. :) The first thing Mr. L said when I let James out of the car was "But James -you forgot your pants at home!!!"... LOL. It sounded so funny 'cause it came straight out the blue. Hey I know another guy who doesn't wear pants either - ........Mr. Donald Duck. ;)

We started off by taking a shorter walk for James to play and run off some energy. After about 30 min we were back at the car. I hooked Jay up to the WP harness and the chain for some drag weight training. We took a long walk and Jay was happy and content by the time we were done.

My old son (a.k.a. Alih) is coming home tonight... can't wait for that old baby to come home so I can kiss and kiss and kiss him. :)

Below are some pics from this morning.

Above: "You want a piece of my toy huh???.. " :)

Above: A flying James ...

Above: Loves to run...

Above: Drag Weight training...Jay is wearing the cover underneath. It sort of got a bit cold after all. Gotta stay warm at all times. ;)

Above: Having fun while working...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Why the names?

Have I ever mentioned who my boys are named after?

Alih is named after the famous boxer - Mohamed Ali. In order to be a little different an H was added to the end of the name. ;) Alih is a tough nut to crack in one way, just as well as he's a warm- and kind-hearted man in another. He's also a big jokster. Just like the great boxer! :)

James is named after 2 people. The lawless Jesse James (or the Monster Garage guy) and the smooth and dangerous James Bond - 007 with license to kill. :) The name suits James perfect considering he is as smooth & handsome as James Bond... while, at the same time, being wild and crazy like Jesse James. :)

My beloved Carlos, who's no longer with us, was named after the King of Spain - Juan Carlos. Why? I have always loved Spain and my family used to go there during my upbringing. The name was perfect for him since he was always well-behaved and well-respected. He was my very own king. :)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Young & Beautiful


It has been really cold all day today. It was -15 C (5 degrees F) when we got up this morning. Jay's extra thick cover had to come on with his "in-support-for-Obama" T-shirt underneath. His regular cover is black ... but the pet store had a sale on all their purple colored covers right before Xmas, so I decided to buy one and sew on some extra teddy fabric to it, to make it extra thick. It definitely came in handy on a cold day like this. :) I know, a boy should probably not wear purple but the color looks fabulous on him and his regular cover is, like I said, black. So a little color won't hurt him. ;)

The camera came along this morning, despite the cold temperatures. My hand almost froze to ice a few times... hihi...

Alih is with my parents over the weekend, and they had -21 degrees C (-6 F) this morning. Brrr, cold cold... Fortunately, Alih is always warm! :)

Below are some pics of the Blue Model (in his purple cover). ;)

Above: Jumping & flying around is 2nd nature to James. :)

It's a Frosty Winter Wonderland