Saturday, December 06, 2008


It seems we'll be baby-sitting James' half brother for awhile.. Baby Ior (pronounced Eor in English). He's just a little bit over 4 months old. Let's see how that goes... :)

Back in the City

Came back to the city mid-day yesterday. I dropped the dogs off with Mr. L and hit some stores right away …

When I left the country it was snowing and here it was raining… sooooo boring! Oh by the way, I saw 2 moses while driving home, they were standing right next to the road (a mommy and her baby). I stopped as fast as I could, through myself in the backseat to find the camera… found it and reversed… but the damn moses where already gone. Crap! It would have been a nice pic.

This Saturday morning was spent at WP training. There was only 3 of us there with one dog in heat. Needless to say, James was all over the place. He fell in love. Did not want to pull at all, he just wanted to whine and probably do all kinds of nasty things to Zelma. Hihi..

I will need to continue writing on a paper that’s due Sunday by midnight. Considering most of Sunday will be spent in Stockholm or in the car, I will try my very best to finish everything today… But knowing myself, I’m sure I will be stuck in front of the computer tomorrow night as well. :(

The plan for tomorrow is to leave at 6:30 A.M. Gabbi and Vilma will ride with us… so I should get some company in the car for once… ‘cause Hot Shot (a.k.a. Mr. L) usually falls asleep after a few minutes. :)

Wish us Good Luck for tomorrow!!!!

Above: Celebrated the 2nd of Advent this morning already, since we'll be gone tomorrow.

Above: My folks' house in the country, now with some snow outside.

Above: Mr. Wild Man James in his WP harness. :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Cousin's Blog

For all Swedish speakers, I'd really like to encourage you to check out my cousin Qaroline's blog. She's a student (& soccer player) at Long Island University in Long Island, N.Y., and as of just a few weeks back her blog became a part of Spotlife.

Her blog is frequently visited but she needs more people to leave comments. You will help her out by simply reading and leaving a comment. Oh, and by doing so you can actually win something nice. Every-now-and-then you will be given an opportunity to win a little something something, by simply commenting on her blog posts. The last time the winner got a nice bracelet... So come on people... READ & COMMENT!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Circus Ole

I discovered it wasn't easy making and throwing snowballs at the same time as I was trying to record. :)

Alih Attacks...

Due to graphic scenes this clip has been R-rated ... ;)

An Attack Is About to Take Place

The Best Sprinter at 100 meters

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Snow, snow, snow...

Both Alih and James have been playing in the snow tonight. James did several back-flips in the air when I through snowballs for him. He absolutely loves the snow - his tail is straight up and it wags so fast, I swear, you could whip up some cream with it. :) If the snow sticks around until tomorrow (please, please!!!) I will have to film him.

Aah, I just had to let him out again, he was walking around whining... just can't get enough of the snow. :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

What the heck...


I was trying to open a Coke bottle when the freak'n thing exploded ... Nice - coke all over me, all over the sink, all over the floor... Fabulous - or NOT!

Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State

President Elect, Barack Obama has just announced Sen. Hillary Clinton as the new Secretary of State. Yessssssssssssssssssss..... I love Hillary Clinton!!!! I even got a bit teary eyed... she so deserves this position. All the power to you, Hillary! :)


It was snowing when I woke up. I headed out in the forest with my kids and some parts were really icy. Don't you think Alih walked on some snow-covered-ice, slipped and fell.. ahhhh...He scared me shit less, my heart almost stopped. But Thank God he was able to stand up and all 4 legs were still working. I swear, it is one of the worst feelings seeing your baby getting old. Alih was wild and crazy when he was younger, he loved nothing better than to run around and attack poor Carlos.:) In his mind he's still 2 years old, but his body is not .. and he knows that, so he keeps having to contain himself. Poor Baby!

After coming back home with Alih, it was time for James to do a little work. The WP harness came on (so did his new Obama T-shirt..hihi..) and we headed out. I tried having James off leash while he was pulling, and it went great. I was afraid he was gonna get too creative and get stuck somewhere, considering he's pulling a long chain. But no such thing. He seemed really content sticking to the road - or what do you think?

ps. How dark and boring is it not outside?.. this is around 11 A.M in the morning... :(

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm here

James and I left the city at a descent time this morning, well descent for having been up until after 2:30 A.M. In the country we were united with Alih, and James was soooo happy to see his older bro again. Alih is next to my side right now, while the little devil child is in the bed with my mom... and trust me, she's not too happy about having dogs in the bed... but James pretends he has no clue. :)

My dad and I put up some X-mas lights today, but they are barley visible on the pic. :( A X-mas tree will arrive in due time as well. The neighbor has a really nice tree, might have to pay them a little visit tonight... hehe...

Above: My parents house in the country. Looks so boring without any snow.. but I think it might snow this week again. I'm crossing my fingers...

Above: My furry children, the blue one is always super proud when he gets to be next to his old super cool bro. :) Oh and check out their blue little lights they have one.. it flashes like crazy..It's so I can see where they are when we are out in the dark... ;) In this part of the world, it's pitch black by 4 P.M.
Above: The Little Devil Child

Change of Plans

Mr. L and I were supposed to spend the weekend in the country. Actually, we should have left Thursday morning, but that changed to leaving Saturday morning… which also changed. Now, it’s down to me going to the country tomorrow (today Sunday), just me and James…well, Alih is already there… and the 3 of us are gonna spend the week there while my folks are heading to the city for work. I'm looking forward to that, it will be nice with some alone time with my 2 furry babies. There will be LOTS of kissing and hugging … believe you me! ;)

I also have a ton of school work to take care of. I am always out in the last minute, typical of me. Especially this last semester when I’m so dead tired of school. I need to get my priorities straight and work my ass off this week!

Did some X-mas decorating today. It’s definitely not much in this house, but the typical "Swedish X-mas candle lights” have come out… the ones we place in the windows. For any non-Swedes, you have probably seen them if you’ve ever been to Ikea during X-mas time.

To give you an idea of how they look like:

I'm starting to get excited about next weekend - Hund 2008 in Stockholm (the big Dog Show). I learned today that Jay's breeder is not coming due to one of her dogs is about to have puppies... but 2 of Jay's brothers will be there - Atlas & Lucas. :) Jamie's brothers... how cute huh... the Stand Strong Brothers..hihi.. If you are interested in getting an AmStaff puppy I'd recommend you to check out kennel Stand Strong where Jay is from. Puppies are soon to arrive...:)

I hope all Americans have survived Thanksgiving. All the eating and shopping can take a toll on the body. :)

Peace Out.