Monday, December 15, 2008


Mr. L took Jay for a long walk this morning before he headed off for school, while Ior and I stayed in bed. ;) He’s such a sweet puppy. When Jay came back he jumped up in bed with us and we continued to sleep a little longer. I must have slept really bad last night ‘cause my neck is as stiff as can be and I have a horrible headache.

I have lots of school work to do and I need to clean, but so far I have not done any of that. I started some laundry though and I taught Ior the down command (ligg). It took a little while before he finally got it, but I think he knows what it means now. ;)

I did some dumbbell training with James. All obedience training has been on the down for a while... the crappy weather and maybe too much obedience training before made me want a break from it for awhile. However, this morning it felt like lots of fun again. Should start working on some of the exercises we can do inside at least. Like the dumbbell for example.

James is such a proud old bro to Ior. I cannot believe he’s so nice to him, Ior will walk all over James when he’s sleeping and he doesn't even say a word. I never would have guessed that this would have been Jay's reaction to a puppy. Right now they are curled up together on the bed. :)

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Miss Hazel said...

Halli hallå! Länge sen vi sågs nu! Tänkte höra om ni kanske har lust att komma förbi på lite glögg nån kväll i juletid och frossa pepparkakor och annat snask? För jag antar att ni befinner er i trakterna runt jul? Kram