Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Boyz

I was looking for pics of Jay from when he was a real little puppy but could not find any in my folks' computer. On the other hand, I found several pics of my Boyz when they were young. Check out how cute they were...My God I miss my beloved Carlos so much - he was gorgeous and perfect in every possible way.

Above pic: Alih about 4-5 mon
Above pic: Alih about 6 mon
Above pic: Alih about 6-7 mon
Above pic: Carlos about 8-9 mon
Above pic: Carlos about 8-9 mon
Above pic: Carlos about 9 mon

9 months later

Happy 9-months, James!

Can you believe my Jayness is 9 months old already??... My Gosh, time flies! Happy 9-months to Jay's brothers too - Atlas, Gurra, Lucas & Nemo. Hip, Hip, Hurrah!!!!

Obviously I forgot the camera at home but I might borrow a camera from my parents if I feel like playing photographer a little bit later today. Next Saturday is James 4th Dog Show. This will be his first time as a junior. Very exciting!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A long day

Mr. L and I just came home from having been out to dinner with friends. My tummy is full! =)

We had our first thesis defence today and Ulrika (my thesis partner) and I are mad. It turns out some students in our group have had 2 thesis defences before this one, while this is our first one. I could not hold back when our supervisor was slamming some other guys’ paper (it was their first defences meet too). I had to ask our supervisor why this has happened, why we have not had any meets prior. To no surprise did he get defensive right away; I could tell it was no use pushing it 'cause we are in a vulnerable position. Not that he’s our examiner but I’m sure he knows the woman who will be the examiner, so I felt I better shut up. It is very unfair. But life ain't fair I guess.

Nonetheless the critique we got was OK . I felt like punching one of the guys in the face though (one of the guys in the critique group) . =) He thought he was Mr. Hot Shot himself. Grrrrrrr!!!! The things we have to change can be changed before the due date next Friday but we will be busy with our paper for sure. I sat down with our thesis as soon as I came home today. I sat for 4 hours straight and then it was time to go out to dinner. When I was done with it, I sent it over to Ulrika who was going to continue working on it tonight.

On another note, as of last night my Baby Blue is not at home. I miss him so damn much. He actually went with my parents to the country, normally Alih goes with them but I thought they could take Jay this time around. It’s good for him to be away from us a little bit, and he thinks it is very exciting being in the country. =) Since we got James, he’s only been away from us/been with my parents twice. And this is his first time with them all by himself (without Alih).

I just spoke to my dad and he was like “what the heck do you feed this boy, he has not slept all day long”... LOL. Well that would be James for you. I mean, at home during the day he sleeps as long as he has been exercised accordingly but I know the country (or just being somewhere else) is very exciting, so it’s hard for him to lie down and relax. My mom took him for a long walk this morning and during the day he has “helped” my dad with some stuff in the yard. =) My precious baby has been busy working all day long. Hihi... Tonight they took him for another long walk so at least he should be tired by now (I’m crossing my fingers =)).

But we still have one furry friend at home – we have Mr. Alih all to ourselves. My Stinky Binky (one of his many nicknames). Its nice being able to give him all the attention. As a matter of fact he is by my side right now, almost lying on top of my foot. =) He was so happy when we came home from dinner...wanting some human contact I guess. =)

Anyhow, I am going to watch some TV before I’ll fall asleep. It’s been a long day today – and tomorrow morning we’re heading to the country.... to be reunited with our Baby Blue. =)

Have a good weekend, everybody!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Plans?

Nope. None, really! We went on a “Mini Euro Trip” last summer (went to France, Belgium and Holland) and between June and December of last year I made 5 or 6 trips to LA. Yes, I’m serious! Do the math, it means I was in LA almost once a month. Crazy, crazy but I had important business to take care of. But from December of 07, I have not been outside the Swedish border. Yeah, a bit boring but I got really tired of all those long haul flights. It's actually nice not having to fly anywhere.

As for this summer, sure it would be nice going somewhere but with the dollar being so weak we are getting slammed. It means we have to stay put. Last summer I worked but not this year... I will be studying more than full-time the entire summer. Online classes though, so we will be spending a lot of time in the country, at my parents house. If I study this summer I will have my International Master’s Degree (MBA) by the end of the year instead of having to study until next summer. It’s a price worth paying.

And believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to not taking off anywhere. In case anyone has missed, we have a young boy by the name of James. =) He’s not even a year old yet and so much happens in his life that I don’t want to be away from him. =) He’s my baby... and I am looking forward to hanging out with him and Alih, spending the days at the beach, watching them swim and enjoy themselves. Not to mention, it has been a very busy semester, being a full-time student here in Ö. and studying part-time in Karlstad too. I have also been very busy with Jay, I have taken a total of 3 classes with him since the beginning of the year, and it takes time keeping up with all the training.... Oh, and let’s not forget, Ulrika (my study & gym partner) and I have been very devoted to the gym. I wish I could say it’s been a nice semester but to be honest, I have mostly felt stressed so I cannot wait for it to be over!!!!

What we have discussed doing this summer is going for a long hike, maybe further up north, with our good friends A & H and their Rottie Gonzo. I’d also like it if we could make a trip to the South of Sweden. Other than that, no plans..... Ahhhhhhhhhh, sounds amazing - cannot wait!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obedience Class 1 Completed!

Everybody must pee pee. Right?!

Jay and I are fresh back from our last Obedience Class, and the Baby Blue behaved perfectly. Our instructor even told me today: “you should breed James, considering his amazing temperament and his good looks”. Hihihi...Well, there would be a high risk for the puppies to get ADD in that case. =)

This morning our thesis was due to our supervisor and to the other "thesis students" in our group. We are preparing for our first defence meet coming up on Friday. This means that the next couple of days will be spent reading and critiquing someone else's paper. I am a little bit nervous considering the whole semester has gone by and no one has given us any feeback on our work. It is not suppose to be like this, we should have had defence meets throughout the entire semester but our supervisor has been freakn' lazy I guess. I just hope we will do well on Friday, and that we can get lots of feedback. Because, the examiner at our Examination Defence (on June 4th) is suppose to be some hot shot professor from another university. Scaaaary!!!! Below is the diploma for the completion of Jay's Obedience Class, another one to add to the stack. =)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tracking Class Completed

James and I came back from our last session of his tracking class a while ago. And we got this nice diploma to prove we have completed the course. =)

Our instructor had laid 2 tracks for us upon arrival. The tracks were not straight but rather winding, and the terrain was much tougher too this last time. James really had to work to find the end, but he did it! Jay's problem is that he gets too eager, thus gets a bit sloppy and actually unfocused. But I got some great advice on how to keep working with him so he can learn to get more thorough.

Back home I did some obedience training with him in the garage, and he is really good. He's extremely alert. We have our last session of our obedience class on Tuesday. However, I think I am going to take one or two private lessons with our instructor during the summer too. Jay really got potential considering his eagerness to work, so a little extra help here and there could totally set us off in the right direction. My Baby Blue is so yummy I could eat him! =)