Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nice Pitbull

I really liked this guy thanks to his beautiful and massive head. And check out those muscles. :) It's painful to know that so many people hate this breed. Nothing wrong with the breed, the problem is that they often attract the wrong type of people due to their "tough" exterior. Laws need to be passed against idiotic dog owners, not laws against specific breeds.

WP this morning

We had WP training this morning and it was great fun... A lot of people showed up, and the weather was actually nice (believe it or not!). Half the group took their dogs (with chains) on a walk while the other half stayed on the track. I had just walked Jay in the area before training started, so we stayed on the track instead. After a few laps with a chain, it was time to start pulling the cart. Since the other group was still out and about, the 4 of us who had stayed, our dogs got a chance to pull several times. Jayness did really good! Well except for that he has started having problems standing still the few seconds between getting him hooked to the cart and while I get in to position. He almost spins around, so I have to keep re-setting him. I don't know what that is all about, but hopefully it will go away on it's own as he gets more and more experienced. Other than that, the boy can pull. While most dogs pull slowly (i.e. walk) James pulls fast (i.e. runs almost). Everything has to go fast when it comes to Mr. Jesse James. :)

I can tell all the training (WP, obedience etc.) has paid off when it comes to his whining. It has become soooo much better! :) Anyhow, a trip to IKEA might be on the schedule... Ciao.

Here's a clip of how WP can look like during winter time.

Friday, October 03, 2008

5 hours later...

5 hours of examination and I feel both "empty" and dizzy. It's hard to describe how exhausting it is to sit for 5 full hours... and seriously, the time goes so fast that it just as well could have been a matter of 1 hour only. But once the exam is finished & sent in, that's when you "feel" the 5 hours. My back and neck are killing me... and my head is just, I have no words for how it feels like. The best thing about this day - the damn exam is over!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

How did my agenda look like today?

- As always - walked the dogs!! Sometimes it feels like that's all I do.

- Vacuumed & did some "picking up".. How damn boring is that!!! I so would prefer to pay a cleaning service (that's the American in me). Seriously! But I'm a freakn' student and this is all I can do is continue to DREAM! Back to LaLa Land. :)

- Studied (should I scream now or later????)

- Mom made lunch for us :)

- Studied (Ok, I'm screaming right now!!)

- Met with Anna & Aston at the local Dog Club. Wow, Jay thought it was exciting with so many dogs... Lots of Rotties, he might have thought there were "Alihs" everywhere. :) He was really well behaved though and very good when it came to not whining ... VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT! Did pretty good during training too, a little bit unfocused but that's ok. It was his first time there and lots of excitement everywhere around him. We practiced recall, down-stay (for 2 min), and heel mostly. Until next Thursday, we will continue the heel training but we'll also start working on stand/stay during walk.

- Ate an omelet Mr. L made .. Yum!

- Studied... aaaaaand.... Now, I'm blogging. But it's definitely time for some TV.

Tomorrow is that nasty exam - between 3pm and 8pm. Can barley wait, so exciting... NOT! :)

Anyhow, that's it for the sarcastic me. Hopefully I will wake up like my normal self tomorrow, like the little Angel I usually am. Would Mr. L read this he would laugh his pants off, considering I'm a blond, blue-eyed devil as far as he's concerned. :)

I'm up

I was forced up around 8:15 this morning, even though I was up really late studying last night. I have started staying up too late, I am an evening/night person but I don't like it when it starts getting too late all the time 'cause that just messes up the whole day... I still like getting up at a descent time in the morning. For awhile now, I have been going to bed around 2 am and getting up around 9 am. A bit too late as far as I am concerned. At the same time - what the heck... I only got another few months left, after that, this kind of life is sooooo over!

Anyhow, I'm about to eat my porridge and hit the road with the dogs... Later!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just another rainy day...

It's been somewhat of a worthless day today, however, it got better in the evening. I'm preparing for an exam on Friday and I'm just very tired of all the studying. It feels like everytime I try to focus on studying, I get interrupted... either the phone rings, or the dogs are acting up or Mr. L is calling for my attention :) or it's something. I wish I could just take off and live in a cave or something for a while.. I would bring Alih along though, he's great company. He never says a word as long as he gets fed and walked, yet a great big Teddy Bear to keep me warm. :) My Old Fabulous Tiger!!!!

We had WP training tonight... in the rain. Do I have to say, not a whole lot of people showed up, but some braved it. Jay needs to go out whether it rains or not, so why not put some rain gear on and head for training... that way I know I will have a content dog who hopefully will leave me alone for a while so I can get some studying done. :)

Now, to some very exciting news.. I ordered a WP harness for Jay tonight...hihi.. I ordered it from the US since it's cheaper there (with the dollar still being weak). See below pic, it's something very similar to this Jay will get. It will be his name on the side of the harness (instead of it saying Powered By CAT) and the text will be in yellow instead of white. Normally I go for the more mellow and subdued colors but this time I thought - what the heck!!!... Yellow & Black represents speed & power (thinking of a motorcycle for example) and that suits Jay just perfect. :) It will be very exciting to see how it will look on my Blue Little Baby.

I just finished watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance (we're a bit behind in time when it comes to American TV shows). Twitch and Joshua were my favourites, and I'm so happy it was the 2 of them who lasted til the end...with Joshua being the winner!!! Anyhow, it's about midnight and I will have to get back to studying for another hour at least... Nighty Night!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Lots of birthdays this time of year. Today, is my DAD's birthday!!! Hip, Hip Hurrah!!!

If I could afford it, I would buy him something like this (considering he's a serious car freak):

Today, is also Freddan's birthday (an old friend of mine) -
Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clean Babies

My furry babies are clean, they finally got a bath. Ahhh, they smell lovely! :) Jay and I have done more obedience training today as well... And I've been studying. How much fun do you think that is? Not very.

Oh must not forget - Happy Birthday to my good friend Miss Hazel Girl today... she's getting older and older, I tell ya... hihi.. She's 26!!! Anyhow, it's almost time to head home to the city... Time to pack up!

Above: Jay and I training the heel command.

Above: While Jay and I are training, this is usually Alih's position. hihi.. He loves to sleep as much as possible... the old Tiger. :)

Show Biz News - Really?

Clay Aiken: "Yes, I'm gay"...

L.E.W: "Whaaaaaaaaat??? I am shocked, I had no idea..." LOL