Friday, November 28, 2008

In the Holiday Spirit...

As you can see I got a new header again.. I wanted a header with holiday spirit, and that's exactly what I got.


Mirre is another super pro, belonging to the same talented website/blog league as my cousin Q, who did the other header for me.

Check out Mirre's website.. she takes some amazing pics of her gorgeous Chocolate Labrador.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What kind of dog are you?

Sorry, this test is in Swedish only. I found it online. So all Swedes or Swedish speakers, take it and let me know what breed you are.

Guess what breed I am?

Hihi... I'm a Bull mastiff :)
I'm not surprised, it suites me pretty good considering it has several similar traits to a Rottweiler which I believe is the breed that suites my personality the best.

Guess what breed Mr. L is?

A Bulldog..hihi...
This is also perfect, he always keeps saying he wants a bulldog...

There are only 8 breeds (of which you can "become"), and they are:
* Bernese Mountain Dog (på svenska: Berner Sennen)
* Bulldog
* Bull mastiff
* Cocker spaniel
* Golden Retriever
* Great Dane
* Jack Russel Terrier
* Pug (på svenska: mops)

Here's the test.

Good Luck! :)

ps. You can read more about the personalities each breed represents in this test by clicking here.

Turkey Time


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunny Day

We had a nice morning walk... but it gets cold when having to be still according to James. :) Brrrr, having to sit in the snow... cold, cold, cold!!! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Late Night Walk

I just came back in from "the-late-night pee-&-poo-walk" with Jay. And it was so nice with all the snow that Jay and I couldn't help ourselves, we had to go for a longer walk. Considering it's gonna get warmer in the next few days, we better enjoy the snow ... 'cause soon, soon it will all be gone.:(

A few seconds ago my young son came out in the living-room with something in his mouth, all happy and playful. I was like "now what?" ... 'cause if it's not my slippers it's something else... and it was a BIG piece of foam from his bed. I swear, there is like nothing left of his bed soon. He has completely demolished it. Every chance he gets he goes to attack on that poor bed... either rips foam pieces from it, or rapes it. The boy is freak! :)


I've gotten lots done today, I am proud of myself . :) Started the day by heading out to the forest with Jay, and after a nice off leash walk it was time for training. I hooked him up to the WP harness and we went for another long walk while he was pulling the chain. The whole time the snow was coming down like crazy... Came home and attacked the vacuum and the mop. Just as I was done cleaning, Mr. L came home with lunch. After getting some yummy food in the tummy, it was time to shower and head out, we had LOTS of errands to take care of so we were out all afternoon and did not get back home until early evening. This means that no school work has been done today (damn it!) but tomorrow I will have to attack the damn books...:(

We got the "Obama T-shirts" today, and James has already tried his. It fitted him perfect. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Congratulations -
to Gabbi & Vilma who did great at the big Terrier Show today (Terrierderbyt i Borås). It was their first show and Vilma came 2nd in the junior class (1kv, 2 kk)..
I'm very proud of my fellow training partner. :) up - Hund 2008 in Stockholm...