Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I would like to wish everybody - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Mr. L & I are going home to a Canadian couple for dinner tonight - a tame Halloween Party in other words. :) I'm really looking forward to it though - she's a psychologist and he's some hot shot at Atlas Copco I believe... super nice folks, I liked them immediately. He's actually Swedish but has lived in Canada for many, many years. We know them thanks to she and Mr. L studying Swedish together. Not to mention, I am really looking forward to a home cooked meal. :)

When we were at their house the first time, she had been baking and preparing all kinds of yummy eatable stuff ... and she was so nervous for having a Swedish woman come to her house. When I heard that, I was like "why?"... and her answer was "well, all Swedish women know how to cook, they are excellent in the kitchen". I could calm her down PRETTY FAST by saying "well that may apply to some Swedes, but not this one... if it means I'm too much American, I don't know.. but I sure as heck can't do anything in the kitchen". And you know what - I don't care! I was not born to slave around in some damn kitchen - at least that's my take on it. :) I have a man who can cook, unfortunately he doesn't cook often enough as far as I'm concerned (damn it!) :)). The fact that women should all be cooking (the way it often is here in Sweden) is old fashioned to me. Yup, you heard me! :)

Anyhow, it started snowing last night, but it's still a little bit too warm outside so the snow melts as soon as it hits the ground. My friend Miss Hazel Girl who lives an hour north of us has gotten some snow that didn't melt. An hour by car is enough for the weather to be quite different at times. Check out how it looks outside her house by clicking here. And yes, she really lives in the middle of the forrest. :) Then again, it's the same thing in LA, by just driving 2 hours you'll be in Big Bear with lots of snow but that's on a much higher altitude though. Anyhow...

Our lazy butts did not wake up until 9:50 A.M. this morning .That is REALLY late for us. It probably happens once a year, if that. I woke up with Jay right next to me, he was in the middle of the bed between Mr. L & I, while Alih was snorting his butt away on his bed... hahahaha.. I don't know why we were all so tired today! :)

Happy Halloween!!!!!!
Wishing you all a fabulous evening & weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Seems I got a "fake" fall break this week. There is nothing in school I have to do -WONDERFUL! ... so I decided to officially make it a vacation week. :) Squeezed in some movie time yesterday - I watched 3 movies ..hihi...I have not watched any movies in so long, so I have lots of catching up to do.

The WP training tonight was a success. James did really well... I'm proud over my little wild baby. On our way home from training, we picked up the old fabulous baby. He came from the country but he's back home now. Yummy Man! We have already exchanged LOTS of kisses. :)

Gotta watch what's left of Grey's Anatomy. Ciao!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holy Moly

James has been entered into Hund 2008 (held in Stockholm in the beginning of December)... it's a really BIG Dog Show... And I will have to show him myself... SCARED!!! Pardon my French, but I will crap my pants... lol. Gabbi & I will go together since Vilma (her doggie) has been entered as well. I will be super nervous but it will be lots of fun too! James brother Atlas will be shown and Jay's breeder is coming with a couple of her dogs... so it will be fun, fun! It's also the first time James is being shown in the Intermediate class (unghundsklassen).

Thank God the judge who held the handler class last weekend, will have another training day in the beginning of November. Guess who's going.... :)

The End of Summer Time

No one told me summer time ended today... Usually you hear it all over - "Don't forget to change your clocks tonight"... But not this time around. It took me a few minutes to figure out WHY I had a different time on my laptop compared to my watch. :)