Friday, July 04, 2008

A Day To Be Proud - Happy 4th of July!

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!

I may have been born in another country (i.e. Sweden) but no other country feels like home the same way the US does. I officially became an American after taking the Oath of Allegiance but I became an American by heart several years before that.

I am proud to be an American every day of the year, but especially today!

Happy Independence Day!

United We Stand!

The National Anthem Below:

Thursday, July 03, 2008

For the Love of ...Tire

Started the day with play-time in the backyard. Alih has always loved playing with tires and has actively been training James to enjoy it too. I think he can give himself a pat on the back by now, saying: “mission completed”. :)

After this, the dogs were really hot as the heat is back, so we jumped in the car and went to a lake. They managed to destroy both dummies today, damn crapper ...I just bought the second one. But oh well, I’m sure there will be lots of shopping opportunities at the World Dog Show. :)

A Beach Boy

A Wild Child

My parents are coming home tonight, and I am heading home to the city... all by my little self. The dogs will stay in the country as we are heading to Stockholm on Saturday. It will suck leaving without a dog, but I have lots of studying to do tomorrow and we are are leaving early, early on I should survive. :)

Ya' all have a fabulous day today -


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yet Another Relaxing Day

So what’s been on the agenda today? Not a whole lot. Started the day by taking both dogs for a walk, came back home and dropped Alih off, continued on for a long walk with James. After that it was time to study. Boring, boring but a must.

Did some obedience training with James in the afternoon. My Gosh, since the training has been resting since Mid-May so much has been lost. Hmmmm, we have a long way back. :(

Tonight, I had dinner with my friend A – we both "pigged" out on salads. Yes, I know - I'm pretending to be a healthy eater. Hihihi…

I just came back in from having been out with the dogs again. They are passed out on the lawn right now … check them out (took the pic through a closed window). Do you think they think they are cool or what??? Guarding the yard, trying to chase off every dog that passes out on the road. Damn freaks, that's what they are. :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bike Training

I thought today was a perfect day to start practicing having James run next to a bike. I jumped on my mom's bike and had James run next to me as I was riding on the backyard. It was no problem, which didn't come as a surprise, considering how used he is with all the bikes in the city. Since it went great, I went and got a leash and had him run next to the bike leashed. It went great too. That is so cool, once he's a year old and I've had his hips and elbows X-rayed there will be lots of biking going on. Believe you me!

We already have a springer from our "labrador time" that I will have my dad hook up to the bike, and Jay and I should be set to go. I bought a springer in the US too for Alih and Carlos but it was only used a few times. Alih never wanted to run next to the bike as he was scared being that close to it, and Carlos just did not have the energy. hihihi... My Big Baby Boy. My Carlosis was like Ferdinand. He'd prefer to smell the flowers instead of running around acting all silly. :)


The view from the top

Every now-and-then it's lovely being by yourself. Alih, James and I started the day by going on a little excursion. I decided to go to a nearby “mountain” where we could enjoy the view. After a somewhat short car ride, and a fairly short hike, we were there. It was great, except for a bunch of flies that annoyed the crap out of all three of us. :( But we stayed put for a little while before heading back to the car. Since the day started with sunshine it had become really hot, so next up on the itinerary was a visit to a close by lake. There the dogs could cool off and James could burn off some more energy, since the short hike was far from enough for him.

Right now both babies are lying down next to me, snorting their butts away. :)

Hot puppies after the hike.

The puppy jumped up on a table, looking like his normal crazy self. :)

Old Man Tiger doing some research on his own...mmmm.

...and when done, this is how he looked like.

My crazy water dog - managed to have him sit still for a few seconds before he was back in the water, doing what he does best. Swimming like crazy!

The old man is proving he can retrieve a dummy too.

The beautiful, crazy puppy...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bath time

My little Baby Blue just got a well-needed bath. For someone who loves to swim as much he does, it's surprising that he hates getting in the tub. However, it is not his decision to make, so in the tub he went. Now he’s a clean, blue, lovely-smelling baby. :) Alih went to the country last Friday, and he got a bath once there. So now I have 2 fabulously smelling puppies. Hihihi...

James and I are going to the country tomorrow morning where we will join up with Alih. My parents on the other hand are coming to the city for work, which means that Alih, James and I are going to enjoy some alone time for a few days. There will be lots of hugging and kissing going on... :)

By the way, we just weighed James and he weighed 29,7kg (about 65-66 pounds). I think he will weigh quite a lot by the time he is fully grown, considering how young he still is. He already looks like a little bodybuilder, not that that should come as a surprise considering how active he is - Mr. Super Active. :)

A little update on Jay's new food - he still likes it. Yeeesss!!!!

Time to watch some mucho interesto soccer right now. It is Germany - Spain in the final. Very, very exciting! :)