Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Great Midsummer Eve!

We had a great Midsummer Eve in the company of some great friends, fabulous food & dessert. And for some, it even included hard liquor. :)

Thanks A & H for a great evening that continued on into the wee hours... We made it home in one piece. :)

The Host Couple

Some crazy folks.. :)


Mr. Gonzo - in charge of security for the evening! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Training at the Dog Club

Between the rain, we made a trip to the local Dog Club today (as a teenager I used to spend a lot of time there with our labradors). It's not far at all from my parents house. As soon as we got there, we took both dogs for a walk. It might have been a little bit too far for Alih because he was really tired when we got back to the club. But when Jay was practicing hurdles and agility, Alih was enjoying the view from the side. (I played around with the color on the pics again).

"I can jump, I can jump...."

"...look how good I am."

"And I am not afraid of the ladder... no problems."

Alih: "should I jump?" ...

For God's Sake - noooo!!! Would have to call the Fire Department to get him out of there. :)

Alih teaching James how to attack the tire instead of jumping through it...James is a bright and eager student. :)

"This is apparently what I am suppose to do."

"me, afraid of heights?... heck no!"

Show training, but more busy looking at a bird than focusing.

The fabulous old man - Stinky Binky. :)

Glad Midsommar!

Would like to wish everybody –

The midsummer pole which all the kids will dancing around.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Summer Courses

As I already mentioned I am taking a couple of online courses this summer, which unfortunately started immediately after the spring semester ended. No summer break over here, but oh well. I am taking a course in Strategic Human Resources Management and a course called Business at the EU market. I think the teachers in the HRM course are a little bit too enthusiastic though, ‘cause boy do they have us work like crazy. We have already produced 3 (shorter) papers and the course has not even gone on for 2 weeks yet. Mr. L is taking this course too, and he has not studied at the University in several years, hence him being a bit shocked I think, at the pace they are keeping. All day today, we have been working on the next paper which is due on Sunday, and I am halfway there.

From one thing to another, Sweden so suck! Yes, of course I am talking about the soccer match against Russia last night. I seriously cannot say I am surprised over their loss. It is very typical of Sweden to fold under pressure, it does not matter what sport we’re talking about. Anyhow, right now Germany is playing Portugal… and the scores are 2-0 to Germany so far. That’s a shocker - but you go Germany!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Little Hawaii"

Went to a lake today that they call ”Little Hawaii”. It is located far, far out in the forest. But it was really nice there, too bad the weather was not the greatest but it did not stop the dogs from enjoying themselves. We will definitely head back to this place on a nice day, and spend the whole day there. Take a look at some pics from today – I played around with the color on the first couple of pics.

Wild Jay

Jay reminds me of a Kangaroo on this pic. :)

...and off he goes.

"Try to catch me if you can".

"What's that little thing doing now?"

"Wow.. where did that go???..."

Jodi - the doll

Got some pics from Mr. L's sister Lisa (in NYC) the other day. The pics are from her daughter Jodi's (L's niece) school graduation. Is she not adorable - she looks like a little doll.

Jodi & Lisa

Jodi & her 2nd cousin Che

I have not been in NYC in 2 years, so the last time I saw Jodi she was a whole lot smaller, not to mention Mr. Che. He was just a baby with a bottle in his hand. Time goes so fast.... I want to go to NYC nooooooow. We miss you, guys!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Missing the Baby Blue

Right now I'm missing little James like crazy. I have not seen him since Friday night. :( However, I have been told he's had a great time with my folks... he’s been to a “veteran car show”, he’s been going on long walks, he's dug a couple of holes in the lawn, and last night he slept the entire night in my parents bed. My dad and Jay all up on each other (my mom told me). :) I will see the little wild one this afternoon though, so I should survive until then.

Alih and I came in from our morning walk a short while ago, and boy was he in a “sniff mood”. He has not missed a smell...When I let him go in the park last night, he ran around like as if he was two years old again. He looks so damn funny, this big, heavy, old man bouncing around looking like some... mmm, I don’t know what. Oops, just heard some thunder...Every now and then it’s actually nice with some rain and thunder (no rain yet though). But if we get crappy weather, it means I will rent some movies & chill with my "blue one" and my "old one" this afternoon/evening. Ahhhh, nice! :)

Great Wedding Party

We had a great time at the wedding yesterday. Since the bride is Swedish and the groom is African, there was a mix of Swedish and African traditions. The party actually started with an African woman teaching us some African dance moves. OMG, is all I have to say. :) But it sure was hilarious to look at. She, the dance instructor, was so good and so much fun to watch.... Well after having warmed up to some African rhythms it was time for some fabulous food – yummy. By this time I was freakn’ starving... hahaha... After dinner and some speeches it was time for some dancing, and boy did we dance all night long. Guess what they jump started the night with??? My favourite song – “Celebrate good times, come on”. :) The party was so on!! The groom, Mr. O, is such a great dancer; he sure showed us some of his fabulous moves... hahaha

I have to say, I met so many interesting people at the wedding who came from all over the world. Well lots of crazy funny people too, for that matter. This one guy, from Uganda (now living in Sweden), was crazy. Mr. L and I laughed our asses off at him all night. A woman from England was crazy hilarious too. When two of the groom’s friends were dancing, shakin’ it and acting all silly (asses all up in the air), this crazy English woman saw her opportunity and ran up and slapped one of them in the ass.... and we’re talking HAAAARD. I mean you could hear the "smack" over the loud music. LOL. I almost died laughing ‘cause he thought it was his buddy who did it... the look on his face – totally priceless. :)

Here are some pics from the wedding ...

The Bride & Groom exiting the church

2 hot shots :)

This was the Bride's cousin (& toast master) who decided to dress in a traditional African dress. She's getting help from the best man's wife.

All the Ladies trying to learn some African dance steps...

...and here are the guys... :)

The dance instructor was working them hard...LOL