Saturday, June 07, 2008

"Sweet Summer of Mine"

My Gorgeous Alih

My Crazy James

Both my babies chillin' on the lawn - it's hot for ém.
Here's the craziest one of them all... :)

Could not love the water anymore... he's a freak!

Old man found half a tree to drag around ....

...& he had to show James, that even though he's old, he's still the strongest. :)

And here they are, curled up together, dead tired after a long and hot day...

Friday, June 06, 2008

The National Day of Sweden

Today, June 6, is Sweden's National Day. Unfortunately the celebrations are pretty lame. It's kind of sad 'cause I believe it is a day to be proud of! The whole country should be celebrating!!!!
We are going to the country, where we will be reunited with old man Alih. =) We have no specific plans other than that we will BBQ tonight. It seems to be yet another hot day... so I will probably take the doggies to some lake where they can cool off and enjoy themselves.
Here's the Swedish Anthem sung by Carola:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ready for the Sex & the City Movie?

Most Sex & the City Fans have probably already seen the trailer, and if you live in the US you've probably already seen the movie. But in Sweden, we are still waiting and waiting. In case anyone has missed the trailer - here it is! =)

By the way, I love the India Arie song "Heart of the matter" which they play in the movie. I love Fergie too and her SATC theme song "Labels or Love"...

SATC trailer

India Arie "Heart of the matter"

Fergie "Labels or Love"

Wet, Wild & Crazy

This morning we took James to the lake (Alih is in the country with my parents). James had a fabulous time, acting like his normal crazy self. This morning we were also up for a surprise treat. Well, this little family showed up a while after we had arrived... it was a mommy, a daddy and a little kid. All of a sudden I see the guy bend over and his whole crack is showing. I thought he was about to switch into another pair of swimming trunks but oh no! The shorts he was wearing came off instead... and down to the water he went. Not long after, his wife also decided to take her clothes off... oh yes, BUTT NAKED! And there they were, all happy, bouncing around like there was not a problem in the world... =)

Considering how crazy James is at the beach, he really did not care about the naked folks but Mr. L and I got somewhat distracted. LOL.

Here are some pics from this morning. You tell me - do you think Jay is a fan of water or not???? =)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Celebrate good times, come on!

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeees... the thesis examination is a done deal!!!!!!!!!!!
It went well, we will know our grade some time next week... I am sooooo happy!!!!

Check out this video - this is what I am dancing to tonight. Oh yeah - come on folks, let's celebrate & have a good time! =)

More & better pics from the Dog Show

Here are some pics taken by a much better photographer than me, from last weekend's Dog Show. I need to add though, she had a very fancy zoom on her camera. =)

Anyhow, check how the baby is strutting, like he's never done anything else in his life. hihi...

PUPPYYYYYYYY!!!!! I want to eat him, he's so damn yummy!!!!! =)

How fancy and fabulous are we. Look at his head posture. Proud as can be. I just wanna smack that ass.... =)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My favorite model!

He's had enough of the "picture taking" by now, so he's barking at me. =)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Best Junior Amstaff

You are looking at the Best Junior Amstaff. =)
(In Swedish) Resultat: 1a Kv, 1a Kk, HP

The show yesterday went great to say the least. When no longer competing in the puppy class, all dogs are first judged after their quality. Receiving a number 1 score (red ribbon) is the best they can get. All the dogs that receive a “1” will continue to the competition part where they will compete against each other. James’ show results ended like this: Quality – 1st prize, Competition – 1st prize and an HP prize which is short for Honour Prize. He became the Best Junior Amstaff which meant we had to stay until the end of the day for the finals. In the final he got a chance to compete against all the other Terriers who had won and who had become the best junior in their respective breed groups (this was an all Terrier Show). We were about 20 juniors in the final and they only keep 5, unfortunately we were not one of the lucky 5. Oh well, we had done so fabulously well no sad faces over here.

The Amstaff judge was Anne Klaas from Estonia (Estland på svenska). And here are the comments she gave James:

Good type and size. Strong head with strong muzzle. Bite OK. A bit loose lips. Strong neck and topline. Good bones. Good angulation. Excellent coat and color. Moves with temperament, a bit loose in front. Needs time.

Once again, it was our fabulous handler Marina who showed James. It is thanks to her Jay keeps scoring as well as he does, for sure. THANK YOU, Marina! You’re the best!

Marina & James in the Show Ring

Jay strutting his stuff

Jay in front of the red winner's podium.

Moi, showing James in the final as our handler already had left... Ain't that a sight or what!!!!hehehehe....

This is James' very beautiful half sister, Tequila. They have the same gorgeous father so no wonder they turned out the way they did. =) Tequila did excellent at the show too, winning her group and receving a CK (=Champion quality).