Thursday, August 14, 2008

It seems like I'm going...

At the moment it seems like I will be able to go on the trip. My dad is doing ok right now, so let’s cross our fingers and toes he will be fine over the weekend and won’t have to make any trips to the ER. ‘Cause let me tell you, it’s not the best feeling in the world dumping 2 dogs (who are our dogs and our responsibility) on my parents when my dad is sick and my mom is busy caring for him. But they say they’ll work it out in one way or another. I am sure they will – but will I be able to let it go and enjoy myself while being away? Well, we’ll see. Regardless, it does not feel the greatest going on vacation knowing my dad is quite sick. Hmm, the situation kind of sucks no matter what but let’s try to make the best of it.

Mr. L and I are working our asses off trying to finish the final exam (a 10-page HRM analysis) before leaving, at the same time as we are doing laundry... and we need to pack...and we also need to squeeze in some cleaning time cause the place looks like a mess. That’s what usually happens when it’s too much studying going on, the place just falls apart. And walking and caring for the dogs are as always a part of the every-day schedule.

Once back after the weekend trip, I will be working my ass off at completing my other class. But after next week it is one week vacation until the fall semester starts. Damn – talk about nice! This summer has been awful when it comes to school and studying...the workload has been a nightmare. But what doesn’t kill you... well you know the saying.

Anyhow – if everything goes accordingly we’ll be on our way at 4am tomorrow morning as it should take about 7 hours to Malmö. That will suck but hopefully we can entertain ourselves in the car with some good music, reading up on tourist attractions, eating, talking crap, singing... you name it. :)

A blue baby for the weekend? Anyone?

We are supposed to go to the South of Sweden and Denmark tomorrow and I still don't know if I will be able to go...:( My dad is really sick and he keeps having to go back and forth to the ER which means my mom is busy caring for him. And dumping 2 dogs on her may not be the best idea right now. Especially a blue little wild devil by the name of James. I have already told Mr. L he should go and that I will stay home if it comes down to that. He stayed at home caring for the dogs when I was out flying around the world last year, so it's my turn now... I am still hoping though that in some miraculous way it will get solved so I can go. But we'll see...Let's cross our fingers!!

Anyone who wants a Blue Baby for the weekend? :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

James' Mom

We got a chance to meet James' mom yesterday... It was the first time I met her, and she was so pretty and easy-going! We could see several similarities between James and his mom, who's name is Nova by the way.

Jamie's mom

Mother & Son :)

By the way - I'd like to thank everybody who sent us congratulatory messages in regards to James winning the C.A.C. - THANK YOU!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Win!!!!!!!!

Today was an amazing day for James (well it is after midnight so it was actually yesterday - Sunday). He WON the junior class (out of 8 juniors) and received a CK (=Champion Quality) which sent him on to the Best Male final. Here he came 3rd after 2 champions... and he brought home the C.A.C. (på svenska CERT)!!!! Holy Moly ... that’s some big shit! In order to become a Swedish Champion he needs a total of 3 C.A.C's, however he has to get one after the age of 2. But my gorgeous baby is on his way...... BIG FUXXING SMILE ON MY FACE! We brought home 5 ribbons today (see above pic). :)

Marina showed James in the junior class, but one of her dogs (from the open class) - Matrix, was sent on to the Best Male class too, which meant she could not show James. Fortunately for me (or I would have had to show James myself) our breeder was at the show today, so she was kind enough to show James for us. What would we do without Marina or Madeleine??!!! :) Cannot THANK YOU ladies enough!!!

The judge was Anne Rode, and here’s James critic (I'll write it in Swedish first & then I'll translate it to English):

Tilltalande helhet. Vackert välskuret huvud. Bra bett, ögon & öron. God hals & rygg. Bra kropp. Goda vinklar fram och bak. Utmärkt kondition. Fria sunda rörelser.

In English it sounds like this:
Appealing overall , Beautiful and well-shaped head. Good bite, eyes & ears. Good neck and back. Good body. Good angles both front and back. Excellent condition. Free, healthy movements.

James & Marina in the Junior Class

The judge is checking the Gorgous Blue :)

The Baby is doing his regular strutting... Damn Super-Cute Baby! :)

This is the Best Male Class (Madeleine is showing James).

Matrix & Marina to the far left, and the 2 Champions who eventually beat James to the right.

The judge takes an exta look at James... she sure liked him. No doubt about it.

And this is how it looks when getting home. Man o man, it is exhausting being pretty! :)

I am so happy this happened today, in Askersund - it was sort of on our hometurf and James' breeder was there to be a part of it as well. A Perfect Day, in other words!!