Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Dog Food

Today, we started James on a new type of dog food. He has always been a bad eater, and a dog with his activity level definitely needs a well-balanced meal to stay happy and healthy. He has been eating Eukanuba Working & Endurance for some time now, and like everything else we have tried, he has gone tired of it already. The boy is as picky as can be; sometimes he does not even eat when I mix it with minced meat (ground beef). Alih was a picky eater when he was a young dog as well, but when he got ground beef mixed with the food, he'd eat. However, this was something he out-grew as he got older, so hopefully James will too. Carlos on the other hand never missed a meal. My big, gorgeous baby! :)

Well getting to the point, we bought this dog food called Klass Hundfoder. It is minced meat, but it contains a mixture of all kinds of meat (chicken, pig etc.). It was developed specifically for dogs to get a well-balanced meal, and this brand has actually been on the Swedish market since the 1960s. Obviously James has only had one meal so far, but he loved it. I hope he will continue to like it even after a while. I did mix it with his Eukanuba food though, and if this will work I will continue doing so. The only negative side with this food, is that it is frozen which means it takes a lot of space in the freezer and one has to remember to defrost it before every meal. But anything for the babies! =)

I’d heard about this kind of food before, but the one that introduced me to it “again”, was the owner of James brother. Atlas (Jay’s bro) eats something sort of similar called B.A.R.F (it can be found in the US too). The reason why we chose Klass Hundfoder was due to location and convenience. Anyhow, lets cross our fingers this food will work!

Next week Thursday, the World Dog Show starts. This year it will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Its not just for show dogs, there will be agility trials and not to forget, the world championship in obedience (which is what interests me the most). Mr. L and I are planning on going on Saturday (the 5th of July). The Amstaffs will be shown that day, including brother Atlas, so we will have someone to cheer on. Jay will not be shown at this event; he will be at home with his old bro Alih and his grandparents having a fabulous time in the country. :)

Below are a couple of recent pics of Atlas - he is so cute I just want to eat him. :) One can actually see similarities between all the brothers.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Delicious Dinner

Went out to dinner last night with Mr. L, my parents, my 2 cousins (Caroline & Jackie) and their parents (my uncle and his wife). For dinner I ate a fabulous sirloin steak, and for dessert we had ice-cream. It all tasted delicious. The main event was my uncle’s birthday, but we also celebrated that my cousin Caroline recently had turned 20 (we never got a chance to meet on her b-day) and I recently finished my Swedish Master’s Degree (min ekonomiemagister). It was great fun to see them all, unfortunately we don’t see each other often enough. (My mom and my cousin Jackie took pics, so if I get any at a later point, I will add them to the post).

We had a late start today. Did not take the dogs out until after 10 A.M. Poor things, but they were tired too. We went to a recreational park that we used to go to a lot, but for some reason we have not been there in quite some time. The dogs love it there, as they can run around and play as they please. James jumped in the water at the first opportunity he got. When Mr. L told him he’d had enough, he got pissed and started bouncing around. That boy sure is special. But after a slap in the ass, from me, he calmed down. I had him lay down for quite some time, and he did not dare to budge. I guess a slap in the ass works. Maybe I should try that on Mr. L too when he misbehaves. lol.

It's study time... Ciao!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've finally seen it...

..the Sex & the City Movie. Mr. L and I decided to go in the last minute, and no regrets. :) Great story, with a happy ending! And guess what was showing on TV when we got home? An old episode of SATC. lol. Can the evening get any better than that? :) I doubt it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Baby is 10 months:)


I wish all of my brothers - Happy 10-months!
With Love,
Your brother Jay :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back home!

We are finally back at home, and it feels great. Jay is dead tired after 10 days in the country. While there, he does not really sleep during the day, he is busy running in and out of the house all day long. As soon as we came home today he curled up on his bed and slept. Hihihi...Alih stayed behind, but will be back home with us on Wednesday.

We had some crazy thunder and lightning last night. It must have been James’ first “thunder & lightning” experience... and he did not like it at all! He woke us up around 3 A.M. barking like crazy. However, it was really loud and the whole house actually lit up several times, so I can understand that he was wondering about what was going on. I feel sorry for my dad though who had to get up early for work; at least we could sleep in ...

Oh by the way - a certain someone will be 10 months tomorrow... :)