Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Mature Man

My beloved Boy who always has some dirt on his mouth. :) Pics taken last night.

..and the heat continues

We drove to the country yesterday where we are planning on staying for a few days. Last night I took James for a short bike-ride on the road, and he did great. It will be a perfect way to have him burn off some energy once he gets a little older.

Today, Mr. L, Jay and I returned to” Little Hawaii” (=the beach in the middle of nowhere). We ended up leaving Alih at home since we planned on staying for awhile, I was afraid it would get too much for the old man. Instead, he went to the nearby lake with my dad.

I have to say, it sure is a little paradise deep within the forrest, at least when having dogs. The beach is large, and only a few other people make the trip out there. Do I even have to say – Jay had a FABULOUS time. :) He even got to say hi to 2 staffs, one neutered male who was a year & a half old and a little 13-week old puppy. She was soooo cute! The owners were really impressed by James, they kept saying how beautiful he is. Hihihi… It’s always fun to hear… but let’s see what the judge has to say about James tomorrow at the Dog Show. Hopefully he will agree with the people we met at the beach…Cross your fingers, please!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Got damn it's HOT at this joint!

Almost a Grown Man...

Happy 11-months, Jamie!!!

Only another month to go before the
baby turns 1!!!!!
Happy 11-months to the bros, too.
Below are some funny pics of the baby, taken a short while ago.

Jayness wearing a head scarf to protect his hair. hihihi

Here with a cap on, looking a whole lot cooler than when wearing a scarf. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He loves the water

We went to a lake tonight where James could burn off lots of energy and where Alih could cool off ... Coming back home we stopped at the park, where we strolled around with the dogs. At the same time, Hundstyrkan (the Dog Obedience Company) was having a class. Linn, the owner of the business, asked if we could help out by being a distraction for the other dogs. The dogs had to walk right by us, in a heel command, while Jay and I were playing tug-of-war. Jay was all game, and behaved perfectly. Actually it really got me motivated to get back in to the "game". Our intermediate obedience class will start August 21st, and now I am really looking forward to it. And Jay and I will have our private lesson with Linn on Tuesday next week. :)

Anyhow, below are a couple of clips of a Beach Boy (from tonight) who truly loves the water! Check 'em out.

All summer long -

studying, studying, studying...

Even I do get tired of it at times.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Picky Eater

The summer weather seems to be back. We just came in from a nice long walk with James, and before taking Jay for a walk we walked both him and Alih ... Alih cannot walk that fast, or that far for that matter, so we have to drop Alih off at home before taking James for the longer walk. Now, both dogs are happy - chillin’ on the lawn.

Jay is back to not eating, and it’s been like this for over a week. It sucks considering we have upcoming shows to go to. I’m just now boiling some chicken for him that I will mix with his food. I also went to the pet store today and bought what in Swedish is called “vom”. This nastiness comes from the cow’s stomach. Dogs seem to love that crap, including James ... Hmmm, dogs sure are nasty! :) But when Jay is in his I-won’t-eat-phase nothing is good enough for him. He ate some of his food after I sprinkled “vom” on it this morning, but still left a little. Hopefully some chicken will help... Damn Super Cute Baby. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

No Luck at the Dog Show

We managed to beat the rain. :) Shortly after we were done the rain came, but at that time we were ready to pack up and leave. I guess that was about all the luck we had for the day. :(

Unfortunately, Jay did not do that well today, but I guess shit like that happens. He received a # 2 score (2:a kv) in the quality judging session, which meant the day was over for him. :( Scoring a "2" means "very good" but he needs "excellent" in order to go on to the competition part. It sort of came as a shocker considering how well he has done before. But everybody goes through set-backs, I guess. All judges have different tastes... so it’s not much one can do about that. We will have time to "lick our wounds” until next Sunday when it is time for a new Dog Show. It is in Ransäter, Värmland. A different judge and a new place. Let’s cross our fingers & toes things will go better this time!

The judge was Jovanovic Nemanja from Serbia, and the critic sounds like this:

Correct type, correct head, should have stronger under-jaw, head is a bit wide in the cheeks, a little big but correct position of the ears, enough long neck, excellent chest, enough strong topline, a bit narrow behind in movement, correct tail.

Jay’s dad was at the show too, and he did great. So Congratulations to the gorgeous Papa (Chief). :) And a big THANK YOU to Marina who keeps showing James for us. James looked perfect in the ring, ....he just didn't meet the judge’s "excellent" criteria, apparently.

My Jamie in the Show Ring

Gorgeous Daddy-O :)

Chief in the Show Ring

Half sister Tequila was at the show too (same Dad). She is so damn pretty, this young lady.