Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Loving Memory

365 days have passed, since the worst day of my life. It was September the 20th 2007 (the day after my 30th birthday) that I lost my baby, my son, my best friend, my guardian - my beloved Carlos. THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! And not a day has passed without thinking about him or actually talking about him. Mr. L and I talk about Carlos everyday like he was still very much with us... well, actually he is... and he always will be.

If a dog (or any animal for that matter) can be a human being’s soul mate, Carlos was mine. If you didn’t know him, no words can describe him well enough... He had a halo over his head... he was an angel with his big heart and loving manners.

When I think of Carlos now-a-days, it usually puts a big smile on my face as I remember him with great affection, I remember his wonderful personality, and of course I remember and cheerish all the good memories we have together... but there are still days when I just want to scream, pull my hair and just cry my eyes out when thinking about not having him with me anymore. It’s unbelievable that he is no longer with us... :(

If you ever met my wonderful baby, please take a moment to remember this amazing dog today, it truly would mean a great deal to me. There will never ever be anyone like him again.

I will miss you every single day for the rest of my life – I love you with all my heart, will always be my Big Boy!

I love music and I thought these songs say it all...

LeAnn Rimes - "Amazing Grace"

Eric Clapton - "Tears in Heaven"

P. Diddy & Faith Evans - "I'll be missing you"

A Poem - for Carlos

Upon this day I reminisce
With sadness and regret
The loss of my beloved
Special "child" who was my pet.

It's been a year of longing
Wishing you'd return to me ...
For though you left one year ago,
I cannot "set you free".

Though time has made it easier,
To go from day to day ...
No one can understand the
"Special" role your life did play.

For every day you were a part,
Of love and joy and life ...
You had a way that focussed me
And lessened daily strife.

I'd hurry home to see your face,
Behind that window pane;
Where wiggles, hugs and cuddles
Brightened up the worst of days.

And now I sit, with eyes tear filled,
You are not by my side;
And when I see the window,
It is bare and bleak inside.

Emotions, they are raw today,
I'm simply torn apart ...
For hollow, wrenching feelings
Tear apart this very heart.

An emptiness, that's deeper than
The oceans ... fill my soul;
A painful hunger bites my
Inner self beyond control.

For though time healed the daily wounds
I wore upon my sleeve,
I shelter from the world outside
Just what you meant to me.

To me, you were more human
Than some others I have known ...
You gave such love and tenderness;
T'was deep within your soul.

- unknown


Carlos was the most amazing dog in the whole world, he and I had a very special bond... The 2 of us simply belonged together.

He was the kindest and most lovable dog one could ever ask for. He was an excellent guardian & protector who we used to call our very own "Chief of Police" since he was on the clock 24/7. He would not miss a beat. He was a s sweet as could be around his family, but also the best guard dog one could ever ask for.
Dec 31, 1999 to Sep 20, 2007

Above: Cute as a button :)

Above: The Big Baby loved to sleep, and especially in his very own bed along with his stuffed animals. :)

Above: He could charm anyone...:)
Above: He spent his last years in Sweden and the snow was probably the best part about this new country.

Above: A snow angel...

Above: He was an excellent swimmer and loved to spend time in the water.

Above: He also loved to chill with his "brother".

Above: This was our "dream team" because better dogs than this are impossible to get.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Birthday

This is a beautiful flower I received.

It's my b-day today... (not sure whether I should laugh or cry :)). Mr. L made me a big American breakfast this morning with pancakes, ham, eggs etc. It was very good. :) Once ready, we took off for the country and my parents house to enjoy some cake. My grandparents and my cousin Karro & her daughter Ellen came to celebrate too. Karro's mom showed up a little later as well...

I'd like to say THANKS to all the congratulatory text messages (SMS), all the calls and e-mails I've received today. It means a lot - mucho gracias.. (to be a litte international :)).

One of the cakes - yum! ....Busy cutting the cake. :)

My grandparents and ... Karro & Ellen.

ps. Check out my cousin Caroline's blog - she's so cute thinking of her OLDer cousin. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It could have gone bad

Jay had his obedience class tonight and it went well. His whining has become so much better (at least in class & at WP), he barley whined once... Hallelujah!!! He's in a good phase again which is very nice!

Normally, I take Jay for a long walk before the class, but I didn't have the time tonight since we had been invited to a classmate of Mr. L's (a Canadian woman and her Swedish husband). We came home late so I had to rush over to the park in order for us not to be late. Instead, we went for a walk after the class and when I reached a park I let James off the leash. This is a park that we go to a lot where I usually play fetch with him, or I even do search at times (he gets to search for his toy and he LOVES it). :)

Tonight, Jay was running around with his tug-of-war toy in his mouth, all happy & crazy... and just as I'm calling him back to me I hear, from a house next to the park, someone scream "you come back here... hey, come back!"... I was like shit, here comes a dog... and sure enough. Fortunately, James was already back with me so I held on to his collar and was waiting to see what the other dog was going to do. 'Cause if he wanted to fight and no owner would come, I was considering letting Jay go so he would be able to better defend himself. But the dog stopped right in front of us, so I said with a stern voice "you go home right away - go home!" at the same time as I did an arm movement shooing him away. And he turned around and ran back home! :) By the time the dog was back in it's yard, the owner had come out and could hold on to his dog. I put the leash on James and started walking and as we passed the owner and the dog, I told the guy that his dog had run back home when I told him to. The guy said good and thanks, and went on by saying that his dog only wants to play and that maybe we should let the dogs play with each other. I asked if it was a male dog he had, and it was.. so I said I don't want to take the chance. Jay is very good among male dogs, but I have noticed him wanting to be dominant with dogs more of his own age and this dog was quite young. If they would get in to a fight it could very well change James forever and have him hate male dogs in the future. I don't want to take that chance!

FYI: for any Americans who read this - most dogs in Sweden are not spayed or neutered (that includes Jay) thus these kinds of problems. I know in the US we always have our dogs off leash in parks and when going on hikes, and we let them say hi to all the dogs we meet without any interference by us humans. Unfortunately that's not possible here. :(

Anyhow, after the incident Jayness and I continued our walk in peace. Thank God!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've ordered a new BFF

Yeah, it was time... to order a new laptop. My current has been a very good friend of mine, but she has been working 24/7 since I got her pretty much so I should be happy she lasted as long as she did. I can't wait to get my new one though - my little Black Beauty...we're gonna be BFF. :) I'm trying a new brand this time around, a Packard Bell with a 320 GB hard drive. Should have enough storage for all my pics.. hihi... Here she is...Everybody - say hi to her. :)

ps. Met up with my cousin Karro today, we went to the mall & enjoyed a nice lunch together. We definitely don't see each other often enough. I don't know why 'cause we live really close to each other. I guess every-day-life gets in-between. :(


James 13-Sep-08

We had WP training tonight again and it went great. Jay seemed much more focused and he had a much better technique when pulling the cart today. Guess what the little baby is doing now? hihi... sleeping. He ate a big meal after coming home and went straight to bed pretty much. It's nice to see that something actually can get him tired and content. :)

Old Man (a.k.a. Alih) came along to the WP training too. We started off taking both dogs for a walk, but when the training started we put him in the car.. so Alih was relaxing and chillin' in the car while Jay was trying to rid some energy. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Major Bomb...

..of pictures of my young baby from this morning. The weather was amazing, sunny and warm yet brisk. A perfect day for my model to do some work...hihi...

Above: Practicing stacking with my baby

Above: How beautiful is he not on this pic? He looks so much like
his dad when he tucks his ears back. Me like. :)

Above: Yet another "daddy look alike" pic.

Above: Doing what he loves the most - RUNNING!

Above: My boy is a true athlete, he proves that on this pic and the ones to follow.

Sunny Fall Greetings from Ö, Sweden!

ps. The WP training went good yesterday. Jay was passed out for the rest of the day pretty much. And dinner with Rich & Tatiana last night was great fun... fabulous food and great company - a perfect evening if you ask me.