Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tummy Ache

Miss Hazel Girl made us some fabulous food last night. We ate until we were ready to explode. :) ... Not too surprising the rest of the evening was spent having tummy ache, tummy ache... ouch!

I just saw the weather for tomorrow - RAIN!!! :( The freakn Dog Show is great is that going to be? Not very...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh smoke... is Sex & the City on TV.. and it does not matter how many times I've already seen the episodes... it is still fabulously good. :)

ps. Did I mention it is time for the next Dog Show on Sunday? Very gorgeous Baby Blue is so ready!

A Visit

Susanne and the kids came for a visit today. We walked up to the city where we strolled around for a bit. Had lunch at a restaurant and enjoyed the food on their outside patio...well until the rain came. However, we braved it under a huge patio umbrella ... but after a while we decided to go inside and continue the feast with some ice-cream instead. Yum! :) It was great getting to spend some time with you guys - we're very happy you came for a visit!

Mr. L with Juliette in his arms, Susanne with Emilia in front of her, and the beautiful castle in the background.

Juliette enjoying a cinnamon role (en bulle). :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Girls Do Cry

I don’t write about my baby Carlos on the blog very often. But that’s because it’s still such a sensitive topic. It is quite amazing how you can survive losing someone that means so much to you. When it happens it is such a life altering experience that hurts so bad that you can’t help but wonder... Is this going to kill me?

No words can describe how much Carlos meant to me... He was my dog, my baby, my guardian, my best friend... he was my EVERYTHING! Carlos was the heart in our family! Not a day goes by without me thinking about him, and missing him like crazy.

When we came back home from the vet, having been given the devastating diagnosis, Carlos and I laid down on the bed just looking at each other... I had the TV on in the background and my favourite song at the time was playing .. Big Girls Don’t Cry with Fergie.

Every time I hear this song now, I think of Carlos..... it has become “our song”. Here it is...

We miss you losis ... love you - always!

I got challenged... Anna. So I guess I better step-up to it. I answered in both Swedish and English.

Swedish first –
Reglerna: Svara på alla frågor. Välj ut 6 personer som du vill ska svara och utmana dem i deras bloggar. Be dem läsa din! Låt personen som utmanade dig veta när du svarat på utmaningen.

Fem saker som finns på din att-göra-lista idag?
*Gå med hundarna
*Arbeta på denna veckas ”assignment” – alltså PLUGGA
*Ringa Susanne

Vad gjorde du för 10 år sedan?
Pluggade på Santa Monica College i Los Angeles

Ställen du bott på?
Grythyttan (Hammarn), Los Angeles, London, Örebro

Fem saker du skulle göra om du var biljonär?
*Köpa flera hem runtom i världen
*Resa jorden runt, om och om igen
*Skaffa mig ett superteam av de absolut bästa ekonomiska rådgivarna (så man aldrig blir fattig igen:))
Sen måste man faktiskt göra något givande också, annars blir man inte lycklig oavsett mängden pengar man sitter på. Så därför skulle jag –
*Starta flera ideella organisationer med fokus på utsatta, vanvårdade, misshandlade djur runtom i världen samt skänka massvis med pengar till hjälporganisationer för alla fattiga barn som finns i Afrika och Asien (& övriga världen).
*Skänka massvis med pengar till cancer forskning (och forskning inom andra sjukdomar) varje år.

And in English –
The rules:
Answer all the questions. Choose 6 people who you would want to answer, and challenge them in their blogs. Ask them to read your blog. Let the person who challenged you know when you have answered the challenge!

Five things that’s on your to-do-list today?
*Walk the dogs
*Work on this week’s assignment – in other words STUDY!
*Call Susanne

What did you do 10 years ago?
I was a student at Santa Monica College in LA California

Places you’ve lived in?
Grythyttan (Sweden), LA (USA), London (UK), Örebro (Sweden)

Five things you would do if you became a multi-billionaire?
*Buy several homes around the world
*Travel around the world, over and over again
*Gather the best team of financial advisors (so I never have to be poor again:))
But in order to live a happy and full-filled life, one must perform some good deeds too. Therefore, I would –
*Start several non-profit organizations with focus on fighting all animal cruelty around the world and with focus on helping poor children in Africa and Asia (& in other parts of the world too).
*Give away lots of money to various cancer research (and other diseases) each year

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Puppy Boy

Here are some recent pics of the puppy! The first 3 pics are actually from this morning, and the last pic is from the other day at the lake.

Gorgeous Puppy

You think he can jump?

My little cutie.. I just wanna kiss him, kiss him, kiss him. :)

Hmmm, what happened? :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Typical Sunday

It is Sunday, and like all other Sundays this summer, it has been spent working on the weekly HRM assignment ... The deadline is Sunday before midnight... but I am done, sent it in a while ago. This is so typical of me though, I always wait until the last minute ..:(

Just came in from the late night “pee & poo” walk with the dogs, and we ran in to a hedgehog (igelkott) ... there are lots of them, and Mr. Old Man Alih does not care for them at all... lol. Damn, he’s a freak! He got all worked up for a poor little hedgehog... lol. He's getting more and more crazy with age, I tell ya!