Friday, December 19, 2008


This message is mainly for residents of LA and/or surrounding areas.

I just read on a blog I recently started visiting about Villalobos Rescue Center in Santa Clarita (it's a pit bull rescue) who are experiencing great problems due to the snow and cold weather. Not sure if they still need help, but here's a copy of the message from the blog I visited:

Villalobos the largest pitbull sanctuary in California located in Santa Clarita needs help RIGHT NOW.

There's a bad freeze and snow situation and all the dogs are housed outdoors. The wind is so bad, making the dogs who are normally quite comfortable very cold. The dogs have blankets in their dog houses, but the high winds are blowing snow into their houses. Dogs are are at the risk of dying as I type this email.

They need blankets, trucks (u-hauls, trailers, ANYTHING), crates, supplies and manpower to take dogs or help gather them into a warm place. Please head over there immediately or call the numbers below. Villalobos Rescue Center Santa Clarita, CA 91390 Tia ph# 661 268-0555


Just got an emergency call from Tia Torres in Agua Dulce. They want to evacuate the dogs from up there. Tia said that they have a foot of snow and they need people who can handle a pit bull to take one or two for the night until the storm passes. She said the dogs are crying and they won't make it through the night. Unfortunately, I am not sure of what roads are open on the 14 fwy which is the only way in there besides a few side roads like Sierra Highway.

Here's her telephone number: 661.268.0555.

***End of message***

For anyone who doesn't know, we got our beloved Carlos from the LA Rottweiler Rescue. All the different rescues are run by some amazingly devoted people. With that said, there may be other rescues effected by this cold weather too, who are in need of help.

Please lend a helping hand if you can...

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Stina said...

Hej, jag ska berätta om hur hans vistesle blir på hotellet. Önskar er en underbar jul och ett gott nytt år. Kramar