Saturday, September 06, 2008

Guess what we did yesterday?

We went to visit Marina at Kennel Needful Thing's and her 8 very beautiful puppies. We also got to say hi to James' gorgeous Daddy and the other beautiful dogs she has. I fell in love with one puppy, he was like Ferdinand. One look, and I was sold... OMG he was so damn cute! And you must know by now that I'm in love with James' dad, and he's the father of these puppies (yup, so the puppies were James' half-siblings). hihi...I want my little Ferdinad, I want him, I want him!!! :)

I have pics of the puppies but I don't have a cord for downloading them to the computer right now. We are in the country and I don't have my computer with me... well, I wonder why! The damn computer could burn up any minute so I will need to buy a new...

This morning we took the dogs to the lake. Yeah it is getting a bit cold but James does not mind.. he throws himself in the water and like always, prefers to stay in the water forever. :) On the way to the lake we stopped and laid 2 tracks, so on the way home the boys got to do some tracking. I had laid a long track for James this time, and he was very fast (as always) and even though he gets off track every now-and-then he gets to the end ... in a short amount of time too. :) After James, it was Alih's turn and he did a lot better compared to the last time, but he still wasn't as good as he can be... But come on, the boy is old and as an old man he prefers not to be told what to do, but rather do whatever he feels like. :)

Ooooooh, I have to show you pics of the puppies.. and of Mr. Ferdinand. You would melt just like me...promise!

Republicans, I tell ya:)

You must have heard that McCain’s running mate, Sarah Pallin’s 17-year old, unmarried daughter is pregnant, right? This is double standard at its best. You have to just love it! :)

Oh, but the way... remember - no sexual education in school and NO... and I mean NO sex before marriage. lol.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rough Start

I had a rough start of the week, it felt like everything was going against me. Not to go in to detail about my issues, but I decided in the last minute to change classes for my last semester which turned in to a long, never-ending ordeal that has caused me to have a headache for 3 days (going on 4 days now). Last night I thought I was getting a cold cause my whole body was aching like when having a fever but I feel better today, so hopefully it won't turn in to anything else.

My laptop gave up on me for a few days, but now it’s back up and running again...for the moment I should say, I think I will have to get a new one though. Pain in the butt, but what to do?! I still have work to do for my dad’s job which has just been sitting here since I haven’t had a computer (Mr. L's laptop does not have a Swedish keyboard). And as I’ve mentioned before, Jay is going through a pain in the butt phase, so he likes to test his limits all the time... I took him to the vet yesterday for his one-year vaccination booster and he was whining and acting like as if it was his very first time outside the house pretty much. So freakn embarrassing!

Oh, and let's not forget I thought I was gonna have to go the US embassy in Stockholm on Friday, as Mr. L thought he had lost his passport. Thank God we eventually found it ... 'cause I don't want to think about all the hassle having to contact immigration too.

But yesterday, the sky started to look a litte brighter again. :) I finally got a letter, stating I was accepted to one of the classes I wanted to change to (ah, so nice!!) ...and today, this morning I should say, my beloved Alih came home. Ahhhhh, it was so nice to finally have my old precious baby at home. Everything felt better immediately. My old baby is sleeping next to me right now, tight, tight next to my feet as I am sitting here, in front of the computer. :) Jay was very happy to see his old bro too, he bounced around showing Alih all his toys... (like as if Alih hadn’t seen them before .. lol).

Monday, September 01, 2008


You may have noticed that James goes under a lot of different names. I guess Jay, Jamie, Jesse, Jayness, Wild Child etc. kind of makes sense to most people but what about names like McKenzie, The Fighting Irish, Muggens, Muggie etc.? :)

And let’s not even get in to all the names Alih has, he’s had a lifetime to gather nicknames and he’s probably a millionaire by now. :) Here are some of his nicknames, Babba, Mickey, Aliz, Old Man, Stinky Binky, Snuppe (my dad’s nickname for Alih – please don’t ask!), White Chest, Puppy Boy, Shaved Leg... the list goes on and on and on...

There’s a Swedish saying though that might explain all these names, it goes like this: “Kärt barn har många namn”... it means something like “A beloved child has many names”. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our 2nd WP session

Today, we had weight pull training in the morning and Jay actually got to pull the cart. But we started the session by taking the dogs for a walk while pulling some chains. James was so eager he would not have minded going for a run while pulling the chain. :) After this, it was time for the cart . We started out pulling the cart without any weight, however, the cart itself weights about 50kg (110 pounds) but it has wheels so once they get it going it's not heavy.

After that we added 50kg, still no problems but we let James pull this weight a couple of times before adding an additional 50 kg (total of 100kg = 220 pounds + cart). It was not as easy as before but he still did great. We stayed at this weight for a while until actually adding another 50kg. This time he had to work hard, and it took him a while before he got the cart going, but he pulled it off.

By the way, the dogs get a break between pulls while waiting on the other dogs' turn. I cannot even remember how many times he pulled all together, but let me tell you this much... this is the first time ever, that he went to sleep straight after coming home. Well, first he got a late breakfast which he ate with a great appetite and then straight to bed.. hihihi.. It's not too often I see James tired... as a matter of fact, it may be the first time ever. :)