Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pics from WP Training

I actually remembered to bring the camera to training this morning, so I finally got some pics. Jay still has to borrow a harness and today he borrowed it from a dalmatian so it was a little bit too big for him but it still worked... I thought Jay did really well, actually all the dogs that pulled today did great! It's contagious I guess. :)

Above: Work it, work it, work it!!! ... Such a strong baby, eh! :)

Above: Here he's pulling approx. 200kg (=440 lbs). The cart weighs about 50kg (= 110lbs) and each weight weights about 50kg. That's as heavy as we have ever gone with him considering he's still just a young man. On the 2nd pic, the baby is looking his normal cute self while having to wait in-between pulls.

Above: The first pic is of Bosse the Bullterrier, and the 2nd pic is of Stig-Helmer the English Staff. They are brothers (i.e. they come from the same household) thus having matching harnesses. :)

Above: Normally 2 members of the training crew but today they decided to observe instead. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

14 months

The Blue Baby is 14 months today! :) But not a grown man just yet... he's more like a troubled teenager. :)

Almost time to Vote!


Honestly, I would never vote for the republican party as they represent something I truly don't believe in.

A Sex Freak

... and I'm not talking about Mr. L. :) It's my young boy I'm referring to. He more or less rapes his bed every night (if he's given the opportunity), he aggressively licks both me and Mr. L if he gets a chance.

The boy has hormones raging through his body, and has had for some time now... so a few more nicknames have been added to his list: The King of Sex and the Rapist (as Mr. L calls him :)).


Yes, it's Friday!!!....

Ah, it's lovely. I really love Friday evenings!!!
We had chicken & sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. Yum!

This morning, Mr. L and I went for a nice long walk with Jay (about 10 km = 6.2 miles)... Jay loved it as he could be off leash for almost half the walk. The Wild Crazy Baby was running around chasing mice (or whatever he thought he could hear under ground), digging and acting crazy and just having a blast... His face was totally dirty when we finally made it home. :)

We have WP training on the schedule tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to that, hopefully the weather will be on our side. I'm gonna try to remember to bring along the camera. Would be fun with some pics...

Now, back to enjoying the evening. Ciao!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obedience w. Jay & Great News From Friends...

Jay and I trained obedience both tonight and last Monday night with Anna & Aston at the Dog Club. We always work on the heel command, did some recall, jump over hurdle etc. Tonight Jay was quite alert I thought..He’s getting better and better! But we are far behind some of the dogs at the club.. hihi.. it was quite a lot of dogs there tonight and some of them are sooooo damn good. It’s fun just sitting there watching them, also very inspiring!

Got some great news from my fabulous friend Paty in LA, she and her man are gonna move up to Mammoth Mountain for a few months during the winter season so they can enjoy LOTS of snowboarding (which they love)… I love people who aren’t afraid of doing something different, and for having the guts to take chances. Cosmo & Eddie will have a fabulous time too.. All the best to you guys while enjoying the Winter Wonderland. :)

Oh, and some more great news. My study partner, Ulrika, got a job! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So true..

"Never trust a dog to watch your food." -Patrick, age 10

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." -Bern Williams

Stand Up

I have always loved Stand Up Comedy, and some of my favorite comedians are Katt Williams, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. I ALWAYS get a good laugh when watching them. As a young teenager in Sweden, my favorite "Stand Up Guys" were Lenny Norman and Jonas Gardell. :)

My #1 favorite right now is Katt Williams. I love this guy... I could pee my pants when I listen to this crazy dude, as a matter of fact, just looking at him makes me laugh. :)

Below: Dave Chappelle is someone I have loved for a long time, and this scene "a baby in the ghetto" is hilarious... Mr. L & I almost died laughing the first time we heard it...

Below: And who doesn't like Chris Rock... ahhh, soooo funny! He's talking about the Super Bowl incident with Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake on this clip. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

...and it's Monday again!

The weekend went by way too fast …as always …but since this weekend was spent at a handler class it went by extra fast. The class was really instructive and I believe we learned a lot. Jayness & I even got some praise for looking really synced together. The judge asked if we practice a lot ‘cause we looked well rehearsed together, we had a strong connection and we looked as a team… lol. Always fun to hear!

And some more bragging ..hihi...Gabbi’s dad who attended the same class with his male Kerry Blue Terrier, said during our lunch break: “well, if I would choose a dog from all the dogs here today, I would want James”… hihihi… I think we have to take that as a compliment. :) The thing is, when Jay is in “the mood” he does look good in the ring, and he really knows how to move...

From one thing to another, my gosh did the judge have us run in the ring...haha...I got some well needed exercise. My freakn' calves are hurting today. lol

But I had some major problems with my boy on Saturday, well Sunday too but it was much better compared to Saturday at least. Gabbi’s dog Vilma was in heat. And OMG was James interested in her. Most of the day, Saturday, I could not get through to him. He was so worked up and whined the entire day. We have practiced stacking a lot, so he could still stack, but I could never connect with him and his head kept turning the whole time. Grrrrrr!!! Sunday, as I said, was much better … Thank God! The last time Jay and Vilma met, he was quite nonchalant towards Vilma… but this weekend, he fell IN LOVE. :) He desperately wanted to reproduce… hahaha….

Anyhow, enough about crazy James. :) Ulrika and I had to critic another group's research paper over the weekend, the deadline was today at 11am. So I got up early today, since I didn't get much done on Saturday evening (as planned) to finish it. This means that the Customer Relationship Management Class is DONE! Yeesssss! Still got the other class going full speed and we have quite a lot to read this week… so I am definitely not out of work. And the Brand Management Class should start next week, or the week after that. So it will be a little less work the next week or two.. looking forward to that.

Jay and I are scheduled to meet Anna & Aston tonight for obedience training at the Dog Club. I just hope the weather will be alright, looks like it could start to rain any minute. Other than that, nothing much is going on around here. Jay and I went for a nice long walk this morning…so he should be content. And I'm planning on parking my ass in front of the TV for a while… before attacking the school literature.

Happy Monday!