Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great cities to visit

According to msn.com Brooklyn (NY), Providence (RI), and Pasadena (CA) are great cities to live in but not so great to visit apparently.

I’m not surprised about Brooklyn considering it is such a rich cultural “neighborhood” … at the same time, as a visitor/tourist it might be difficult to find all these great places to visit and see. Unless being shown around by people who live there (Mr. L’s family live there).

I have been to Pasadena several times and I love it. It’s right outside the city of LA, even though it feels like it’s far away due to the atmosphere being completely different. It is a super nice place that has a small town feel even though it has lots of great restaurants and stores like any big city.

It’s sort of funny that Providence was on the list too, considering I’ve always had in my mind that it would be great to live there. It seems I was right. ;)

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Hazel said...

22, 23 jobbar jag kväll så då går det inte så bra... Men kanske i helgen eller nåt, om ni är i Hammarn då?