Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bye Bye

The limping trick I was going to teach James, hmmmm not gonna happen ... :) Not now at least. I read more about it in the book, and it says it can take months before mastering it, and we only have one week on us. Instead, I chose a much easier trick. Jayness will need to learn to wave "bye bye". Yup, we have been working on it and we are already on our way. He already knew "give me five" so it was just a matter of adding on to that...

Tomorrow, we have WP (weight pulling) on the schedule...our 2nd time. Looking forward... Ciao!

Friday, August 29, 2008

A real pimp slap

Talk about jumping from one thing to another (referring to my previous blog post). But this shit is gooood America is so damn fabulous....check it out, man... check it out!

Unless.. are blind & deaf and have lived in a cave for the last few years, I doubt anyone has missed that there is an election in the US this year...

It is quite an amazing time in the US history and there’s a big chance this election really will make history. Had I gotten my way, we would be making history by getting the first female president, but since that is not going to happen (this election at least) I truly, truly hope that by next year a black man will be the commander-in chief of the most fabulous country in the world. It’s about damn time, if you ask me. It’s time for a change in what many feel is a white man’s world... who better than Obama can represent the United States of America, being the diversified country that it is.

Anyhow, I have been working on the translation work... my head is spinning. Trust me, it's not easy trying to translate electrical terminology from English to Swedish, especially when you don't know what it means in any freakn' language. :) Gotta go, I have an important meeting to attend in front of the TV... I can hear Al Bundy calling my name. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Thursday

What have I done today? Well, the day started with James and I going for a nice, long walk. When we came home it was time for me to shower and go to my dad's job. I have been temporarily hired as a translator so I had to go pick up the work I am to translate. I will be able to work from home though, so that's great! After that I made a trip to the university (had to return a book) thereafter I met Ulrika at a coffee shop for some tea. And we got stuck there for quite some time, chatting our butts away... :)

Tonight, James and I had the obedience class to attend again. Jay is going through a rough phase (I believe I've mentioned that before too), he's getting older and has started to realize he's a man and that there are lots of girls/women to impress. :) However, he's very good around male dogs, so no dog aggression at all. He has concentration problems, but when breaking with tug-of-war between short training sessions he does focus, so his tug-of-war toy is an important tool for me. Now, the baby is tired and curled up on his bed. SOOO DAMN CUTE!!!! :)

In the class, we are currently working on hand signals (so they can sit and lay down by hand signals only), backing/reversing and a few other things... Obviously, we will keep practicing this during the week (on our own) until we meet next time. But we also have to teach our dogs a trick until next week (hmm, boring) and perform this trick in front of the class. I was like "shit, a trick".. and it can't be one of the regular/simple tricks. My imagination sucks, but I actually found a book in my bookshelf about dog tricks (don't ask me when I bought it) I think I have decided on the trick I will attempt to teach James. I will teach him to LIMP. lol. Yup, you heard me right. The dog needs to learn to hold one leg up while walking, acting as if his leg is injured and that he's unable to put it down. This should be interesting.. we'll see if it works... updates to come. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weight Pull Training

We just came home from our (or Jay's) first weight pull training. You know what that is, right? If not, click here.

Anyhow, not that it came as a major surprise, but James did really well. He enjoyed it and was working hard the entire time. There was no cart-pulling today, only chain pulling and we also practiced starts.

Jay started out pulling a smaller chain but after a while we changed it to a heavier one... and no problems. The boy has energy like there's no tomorrow and he really was born to work - and that he does! The club here in the city has just started meeting a the dog racing track so we remained on the track the whole time. Everybody was really nice and the girl who's in charge of it, was very helpful... so we had a great first-time experience with this dog sport, and we will definitely continue with this. They are meeting on Wednesdays and Sundays, and as long as we are not going to the country this weekend, we will be back by Sunday already. :)

Oh, and please know that all breeds can train weight pulling, it's not just for pit bulls ... There were a couple of dalmatians, a boxer, a doberman, a rottweiler and some other breeds at the training today, so it was a nice mix.

If someone in Sweden is interested and would like more info about local clubs, click on the link to to the right (The Swedish Weight Pull Club) or click here.

Below is a short video to give you an idea what weight pulling is all about...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


24 Aug 2008
- 1 year

James is turning 1 today!!! My little man is getting big... We had a cake for him (hm, or maybe it was for us :)) and some treats, and a little wrapped gift he opened himself. To no surprise, it only took him a few minutes to demolish the toy. :)

James & family sends Birthday Wishes to all 4 brothers - Atlas, Gurra, Lucas & Nemo.