Saturday, June 14, 2008

James is a busy bee...

James has been entered into 3 more Dog Shows, 2 in July and 1 in August so far.

July 20 – Köping. The judge is Nemanja Jovanovic from Serbia
July 27 - Ransäter. The judge is Cristian Vantu from Rumania (I think this is the judge from the last show we went to, who judged the junior final).
August 10 - Askersund. The judge is Ann Rode from Sweden.

They are all International shows put on by the SKK (SKK=The Swedish Kennel Club).

Friday, June 13, 2008


We got VG on our master’s thesis (D-uppsatsen). :) Not sure how it is graded in other countries but in Sweden a VG is the highest score you can get. In English VG translates to “Passing with Distinction”. Folks, you do not understand how much work we have put down on this paper and it feels so got damn FABULOUS ... I cannot even express how great it feels! This will have to be celebrated. Tonight I will be dancing to “Lets Groove Tonight” and “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind and Fire. And the song I love so much, "Celebrate good times, come on" by Kool and the Gang. Hahahaha. I wish I could scream so you could hear me - I am so freakn’ happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Ulrika, my thesis partner – we did a remarkable job, we so ROCK dude!!!! LOL

Anyhow, today I have been out shopping for something to wear to the wedding we are going to tomorrow. It’s a friend of Mr. L who is getting married. I found a beige suit that will do just fine. In a couple of hours my little Baby Blue is going to the country with my parents. He cannot be alone for several hours when we are shaking our booties at the wedding, but we are keeping Alih though. He’s an old man who actually enjoys getting some nice and undisturbed sleep. :) On Monday Ulrika and I have to go to the University as we need to get our thesis printed and binded. The University needs 3 or 4 copies and I want to keep a copy for myself too. :) After that is all set and done, we will probably be heading to the country again.

Why don’t you folks dance with me tonight??!! Here’s Earth, Wind and Fire ... and Kool n' the Gang.... Enjoy! :)

"Let's Groove Tonight"

"Boogie Wonderland"

"Celebrate good times, come on"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Hike & A Grand Opening

We went on an early morning hike today, deep within the forest. The trail is in a nature reserve called Kindla. It was me, Mr. L, James, our friends A & H and Gonzo. The hike started nicely but turned in to a leg killer as we had to climb up hill for a long time. At the top was a look-out tower so the view was magnificent. It was just forest, forest, forest as far as the eye could see.

In the afternoon it was actually time for us to head back to the city. The Dog Company I have taken obedience classes from, with James, had their grand opening of their first doggie day care / store / cafe today. My friend F and I went there to check it out, and it was nice. Lots of dog people and dogs... hihi... Even my parents showed up. My mom was there with a friend (who owns a tiny little Chihuahua) and my dad could not stay away when he found out both of us were there. :) At 7 P.M. a freestyle show was shown in the park, it was one of the leading Swedish competitors (in freestyle) who came and performed with her two dogs. James and I went to check it out...

Anyhow, gotta watch Sweden play Greece in the European Championships right now...
Later –

The view from the look-out tower.
Gonzo chillin'

Jay is ...mmmm, not sure what he's up to. :)

The Super Cool Ladies :)

The Grand Opening of Hundstyrkan's Day Care/Store/Cafe.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The hot & sticky weather continues...

Yesterday Jay and I started the day with a run. It was the first time I took him for a run, and it went great. He is used to running off leash when we’re out walking so this was not a faster pace for him than normal, and it was only 2,5 kilometres. I am very happy, because I believe I finally got an excellent running partner in Mr. James.

We went to the lake in the afternoon where Jay could swim and burn off some energy. Since it was midday and hot as an oven, we actually left Alih at home. My parents’ house is really nice and cool inside so he prefers to stay inside during the day (at least on nasty hot days like these). Later in the evening, we went to our friends A & H for some ice-cream. Left both dogs at home, and when we came back my parents where getting ready to take Alih to the lake. Mr. L and I decided to take James for a nice walk instead. There was one problem though, the freakn’ mosquitoes tried to eat us alive. It was an ongoing struggle. Half way through the forest we have to cross a road and we decided to take the road instead, but the damn mosquitoes continued following us. It turned in to a super power-walk. :)

This morning started with a long and brisk walk with Jay, stopped by the lake on our way home for him to cool off. But as usual, he never wants leave. Hihi...The Lake is right by my grandparents’ house so when we were passing their house, we found them sitting on the patio enjoying some shade. We stopped and chatted with them for awhile. James was in heaven when he got his head and chest scratched by my grandpa. My grandma kept saying how beautiful James is and that he must be the most beautiful dog in the world with his color and his head. Hihi...They love all dogs but its fun when they care for their “great grandkids” a little extra. :) When we finally got back home, I took Alih for a walk. After that it was time to do some cleaning. We had brought some mats from home that we were going to try and clean, and it worked. After some hard work with the hose and a brush, the mats looked like new again. It was perfect weather for it too since it was crazy hot but yet a hint of a breeze, so they are already dry. Took both dogs to the lake in the afternoon, James swam like the wild man he is and Alih was chillin’, walking in and out of the water, sniffing, peeing and just enjoying it.

Our friends A & H and their Rottie Gonzo came over tonight and they brought pizza. Ahhhh, right now I almost feel like puking. Man, I am stuffed. I will have to go for a run tomorrow morning again. We have the TV on, watching soccer. Germany is playing Poland in the European Championships.

That's about as interesting as it gets around here. :) Hope you've had a nice weekend too, no matter how you spent it. Take care...Ciao.