Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Title Picture

It was time for a new title picture/header considering the summer is over. :(

Friday Night

It's Friday night and what am I doing? STUDYING! My Gosh I'm tired of school now. This past summer and all the studying it entailed sucked all "school energy" out of me. And honestly, it's not so much fun anymore. But I guess that's also a way of mentally preparing myself for (and getting excited about) returning to the working world again. Bring it on, 'cause I am ready! :)

Just gotta suck it up in order to complete this last semester, and I can do that. The classes I am taking are actually really interesting which is great (this last semester, all the classes are online by the way). I'm currently taking a class called "Change and Knowledge Management" which will continue throughout the semester, while the class "Customer Relationship Management" is only for the first 10 weeks. The last 10 weeks I'm taking another class called "Brand Management". Ulrika and I are taking all the classes together so I have a study partner even though it's online, and we are currently working on a group assignment (i.e. case analysis).

Tomorrow night, we have been invited to some friends for dinner which I'm looking forward to. It's a friend of Mr. L's (an Australian dude) and his wife. But tomorrow morning (actually it's already Saturday, so I guess it's this morning) will begin with weight pulling for my Sweet Jayness since the weekend training has been changed to Saturdays instead of Sundays. Fine by me.

Time to watch some TV... Nighty, night!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obedience Training

It was time for Obedience Training tonight. James was really quiet and well-behaved. Surprise, surprise. Our instructor even said "What have you done with him? It looks like you've been out running with him as relaxed as he is" ... But nope, sure he went for a long walk before but that's standard procedure. He just had a good day today, I guess... Or maybe all the training is starting to show. Who knows!

But...he growled a couple of times towards the instructor's male dog. :( We were doing some exercises where her dog was right up on James as he (Jay) was laying down, so it could have been because he felt vulnerable. Regardless, he should not behave like that though and it came as a surprise 'cause Jay is normally really good among both males and females. I corrected his behaviour immediately and he stopped, so hopefully it does not have to become any bigger than that. Despite that though, we had a great evening! :) The little man is passed out so apparently the training was mentally exhausting. ..hihi...

Anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks

It's been 7 years since the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C....
but I remember it as if it was yesterday. Even LA became a ghost town...
it truly was an awful, awful day!

"Today marks the seventh anniversary of the day our world was broken," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in New York City. "It lives forever in our hearts and our history, a tragedy that unites us in a common memory and a common story ... the day that began like any other and ended as none ever has."

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I must have died and gone to heaven!!!!!! Does life get much better than this???? Puppies, puppies, puppies! :) They are James' half siblings who we visited last Friday.

Above: Everybody wants to be in my lap at the same time. :) On the 2nd pic is the proud Mom.
Above: Here's the sweetest one of them all -"Little Ferdinand". I'm in love with this little man.

Above: Here's "Ferdinand" with his half brother James... hihi.. Jay wanted to play with him. :)

Above: The handsome Chief to the left (Jay's Dad) and James himself on the 2nd pic. Any similarities??! :) I know - they are both GORGEOUS! (wink, wink :))

Canine Character Test (MH)

James will do the Canine Character Test (mental beskrivning) on September the 20th. It's a test where you check how the dog will react in certain situations, some of the situations they are put through are surprise situations. For example loud noise, a person dressed as a ghost etc.). It will be very exciting to see how young James will react. This test is something most breeders recommend their puppy buyers to do, since it's a way to evaluate the mentality of the dog. It's also very important if having plans to breed the dog. The recommended age is between 12 to 18 months and James will be (almost) exactly 13 months on the day.

Monday, September 08, 2008

ps. A perfect example ...

of what too much tanning and too much plastic surgery will do to you. Ouch!

Donatella Versace

I'm not gonna lie

...I love Hollywood Gossip..hihi..And one of my favorite ladies is Cameron Diaz. She always looks fabulous and she always seems so happy and full of life. And even though I like Justin Timberlake, I never really "cared" for the 2 of them together. I felt as if Cam could get something "better".. meaning a little less boyish and more of a MAN. :) Well, it seems she found herself a real man... YUM! His name is Paul Sculfor, a British model if I'm not totally mistaken, who actually dated Jennifer Aniston for awhile. Me like..:) And they sure look fabulous together, don't they?! :)

How many kisses?

How many times a day do you kiss your babies (or baby)? Obviously I'm refering to my four-legged babies. :)

I must kiss my babies like a hundred million times a day. Poor things. :) Well, maybe not Alih 'cause when he's had enough he growls at me..hihi..he's a freak. James I can kiss as much as I want to though, and that I do. :) And he usually plants some wet ones right back on me.

But the one who probably loved my kisses the most was Carlos. He would never get enough of it. He would close his eyes and squeeze in tight, tight next to me while enjoying every second of every kiss... hihi...My cute baby bear.

I mean seriously, how can you walk by those super cute babies and not kiss them??!! It's almost impossible! As a matter of fact, I will have to go find Jay and Alih right now ...:)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Danish Dudes

I love this song!!! The band is called Outlandish and the name of the song is Aicha. I just learned it's 3 Danish dudes... well, at least 2 of them are Danish (with Moroccan and Pakistani descents which they pay tribute to in their songs). The 3rd guy comes from Honduras but they are all living in Denmark. Enjoy! :)