Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Big Hole

James and I went for a nice long walk this morning. On our way back home we passed a park and I felt like doing a little obedience with Jay. It’s been weeks since we did any serious obedience training. We did some heel and recall and he was great. The last recall was as good as it possibly can be. Full speed towards me, in on the right side, around me, super duper close to my legs, and bam.. positioned himself in a perfect sit on my left side. EXCELLENT! I still have him come in on my right side, the way they did back in the days instead of the way most people (in Sweden) do today, having the dog both come in and sit down on the left side. I’m sticking to the old way for no other reason than that I really like it, and apparently the old way is still accepted at obedience trials… so … I just love the way it looks…

I made the mistake of getting really happy after the last recall, and I used my voice to show James how content I was with him. BIG MISTAKE! Having a dog with ADHD you don’t want to sound too happy… ever.. .or you’ll have a dog that bounces all over you. James bounced up on me (mud all over me!), wanting something to latch on to (I didn’t have his tug-of-war toy with me) so I used the leash for some tug-of-war. He bounced back up on me again to get the leash, and this time he tore a big hole in my pants (with his paw). Crap! I so loved my pants…so freakn' comfortable.:) Oh well, it was my own fault for getting him so worked up. When I got home it looked like I had been rolling around on a mud field as dirty as I was + a big hole on my right thigh. Pretty! ;)

Why do I always have to get so dirty? It never fails, I’m always the person to get the most dirty. At WP training I am always dirty when I get home, to me it never looks like anyone else is particularly dirty. Obviously it doesn’t help having a bouncing dog, but still… How the heck do I always manage to get so filthy? Hmmmmmm….

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Gabbi said...

Låter som ni haft en super träning:-) - faktiskt går det oftast bäst när man haft ett uppehåll. Men där fick du för att du skulle låta lite egentligen är du inte ensam om att bli skitig. Jag ser också alltid ut som en "dyngsäck" när jag varit ute och tränat...Vilma har ju också ADHD- Hm, det är ADHD som gör att vi blir skitiga alltså - inte vårt fel!
Hur har röntgenbilderna gått?
Kram Gabbi