Friday, January 23, 2009

The mischievous baby

I would like to add in regards to my last post that an Amstaff is generally speaking a very active dog, which is also why we chose this breed. I wanted a high energy dog, and as far as I am concerned all the training and long walks James gets, he also deserves. Most definitely!

I just wish he would come home and feel satisfied after a long walk and/or training. I would like him to have an ON/OFF button (right now the "off" side is not working ;)). The fact of the matter is that he has always been a hyper active dog since we got him at age 8 weeks, however, he has become better and better with age … that’s why I’m hoping he will eventually outgrow this. When having a hyper active dog there are also other things he has "issues" with, for example he whines a lot.. he cannot stand still, he has to be on the move all the time ... well stuff like that. Seriously, if you have experience from humans with the ADHD disorder you would know what I am talking about - there are some parallels here for sure.

James was also born under somewhat dramatic circumstances as he couldn’t come out on his own, so his mom had to be rushed to the vet. The vet also had problems getting him out. When humans are without oxygen for too long they can suffer some damages, I’m assuming the same goes for dogs which could be the reason for why he is the way he is. Who knows!

The boy is hyper active BUT he is also a wonderful working dog and a very lovable baby. He’s just not like most other dogs. He's like a kid who is fighting going to bed despite actually being tired. During the time that Jay is fighting it he will walk around looking for trouble… like finding things to bite on (i.e. things he's not allowed to bite on). But with a little help and persistency on our behalf, he will in due course settle down.

Like right now for example. I came in from our long “morning” walk recently, I fed him and now he’s walking around looking for trouble. I just caught him and one of my slippers on Alih's bed... hmmm, "the slipper" was seconds away from being demolished.. .hihi… if not paying close attention to him during this time he can destroy just about anything. He tore up one of my leather gloves the other day… I swear, it was unrecognizable.. it took me some time to figure out what it really was. This all happened after our walk, while I was doing the dishes and forgot to keep a close eye on him. I have to say though, we are both very good at keeping an eye on him, so it’s not much he has destroyed… but that’s only because we catch him before the act. ;)
ps. When left alone at home he is locked up in the kitchen and actually behaves very well - he has never destroyed anything during this time, and no whining or anything of that sort (I know this because I have filmed him ;)).

The boy is a trouble maker for sure – but as Mr. L so often says “He’s OUR trouble maker”… and we LOVE HIM dearly.. I wouldn’t want any other dog despite his hyper active behaviour ‘cause he has so many WONDERFUL and AMAZING traits… To be honest, he doesn’t have any other “bad sides”…a litte mischievous & crazy at times we can live with. ;)


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Amber said...

That love is obvious and even though I don't really know James I think I would fall for him quite easily too. :) He seems like a sweetie despite his mischieviousness. I am sure he is cute even when he is being naughty. :)