Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dressed for Success

Jay: I wanna go outside so hurry up with the pics...
...OMG, that flash bothers my eyes...

This is how Jay looked like a few minutes ago as he and Mr. L were getting ready to head out. lol.
Mr. L said "Com 'on Jay, let's find a dark area where we can walk - where there are no street lights". lol. .... I wonder why??? ;)
It's not all for show though - Jay is very sensitive to the cold. Tonight he's wearing his T-shirt with his reflex vest on top, and a pair of "boots" on his front paws. lol.
Both Jay and Alih got boots last week as they have had major problems walking on the sidewalks due to lots of small and sharp gravel (they put gravel on the sidewalks because of icy and slippery roads). Jay has been limping on and off and Alih has barley been able to move because it has hurt his paws so much.
You should have seen Alih's speed once he got the boots on, all of a sudden he was trotting - it was like getting a new dog! And James stopped limping all together. As always - you win some and you lose some... the dogs stopped hurting but instead Mr. L and I have to walk around with 2 goofy looking dudes in boots. ;)


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh, he looks so embarrassed!!! Better than sore paws though :o)
You new header doesn't look that bad but your other one was gorgeous!
Slobbers xx

Amber said...

Poor boys, MOm and Dad got me some boots too and everytime they put them on me I walk around taking very high steps. I really don't like them but maybe I will get used to them. Let me know what you boys think after a few times.