Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He's loud

I just wrote a post and managed to delete it by mistake. Great!:(

It was snowing during our morning walk (Monday), but right now it's just about 0 degrees C outside so it will probably be gone by tomorrow. :(

Jay and I did some drag weight training this morning. We started off by going for a 20-30 min off leash walk so he could take care of business and get warm, then it was time for a longer drag weight walk with both the chains. I'm glad I purchased that extra chain 'cause now he gets to work harder which was exactly what he needed. It was too easy for him before.

Alih came home this afternoon after a weekend in the country with his grandparents. It's nice having both fabulous babies at home. I can hear Alih snore his butt away right now- I hear him all the way out to here. If you heard him, I swear, you would think it was a grown man. :)

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Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hahahaa, so funny that they snore! Gabbi, the smallest of ours, the baby, snores like a truck driver with flu!
The headers's looking great, more than i've managed to do! And of course, you have to go with what you like. Your babies are so handsome :o)
Slobbers xx