Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Training Crew

Waking up to sunshine and powder fresh snow is not the worst thing that can happen. The snow made James wild... (like he wasn't wild before!!!). He was sooooo happy and wanted nothing else than to run around and act foolish in the snow. He had a serious "go at it" in the snow tonight when we took him out for his evening walk... I let him go in the park and he looked more like a reindeer than anything else the way he bounced around. :)

Anyhow, I remembered to bring the camera to training today. I thought more people would have showed up since we had such nice weather but I guess they were busy elsewhere... We started out with drag weight (a walk in the forest with chains) and continued with cart training once we were back at the club. Below are some pics ...

Above: My Baby is working it... and going crazy on the 2nd pic. :)

Above: It gets cold in-between pulls so the cover came on. He's looking quite sophisticated in his "coat", doesn't he. :)

Below are pics of Jay's TEAMMATES who were at training today:

Above: Dino the Dalmatian

Above: Affe the Dobbie... He was a hard working man today. :)

Above: Stig-Helmer the Staff (a.k.a. Stigge).

Above: Bosse the Bullterrier

Above: A new teammate who was there for the first time today... The little man did one pull with the cart towards the end of training, and he did excellent.

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