Friday, November 21, 2008

My beloved son is 9

Alih's delicious cake made out of Musch (Jay's yummy food according to Alih) and cat food. :)

*** Happy Birthday, Alih!!!! ***

** 9 years old on November 21, 2008 **

We cheated though and had the b-day party yesterday at my folks place (here in the city), since Alih was going to the country last night with his grandparents - his regular weekend retreat. ;)

Below are pics from the party. :)

Above: The B-day boy is excited about his party and must keep a watchful eye on the "making" of the cake. :)

Above: The cake smells FABULOUS... And opening up gifts (here a stuffed hedgehog) is one of Alih's specialties. :)

Above: The 2nd gift - could there possibly be a big yummy bone in there... ??
And then, some play-time with the new stuffed animal. One can never get too old for that ..
A happy & content B-day Boy! :)

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