Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best of Opposite Sex

- That’s what James became today at the unofficial Dog Show we went to. :)

That means, for anyone who wouldn’t know, that he became the Best Male Amstaff. He was, however, beaten by the Best Female Amstaff thus his title “Best of Opposite Sex”. I am extremely happy and proud of my baby, considering he’s still just a junior and yet became the best male.

The reason for going to an unofficial show was really for me to practice on showing James. James has the show experience but I don’t, so I needed to train more before the big Dog Show in Stockholm (Hund 08) in December. And hopefully gain some confidence ... :)

Here’s James critic (first in Swedish):
Välutvecklad junior hane. Maskulint huvud med korrekt bett. Välburna öron. Välutvecklat förbröst och bröstkorg. Bra benstomme. Rör sig bra runt om. Välvisad.

The critic in English:
Well-developed junior male, Masculine head with correct bite. Well-carried ears. Well-developed chest and thorax. Good bone-structure. Moves well all around. Well shown.

That last part “well shown” means the most to me from today, considering I have been doubting my handler skills for so long. Obviously, I know I have learned a lot considering I have taken a handler class… but still, this felt fabulous to hear!

To sum up the results in Swedish: 1HP, BH1, BIM

Yesterday, it was James' first time at the WP training with his new harness. I was worried the harness would be slightly too big but I think it worked (& fitted him) great after all. :) James is such a good “working dog”… We began by going for a longer walk with the dogs pulling chains. I wasn't sure if the newly purchased chain would be too heavy for him on these longer walks but no problem at all. He just kept going and going like it was nothing. He barley breathes heavy... I swear! He’s such a good baby and an excellent athlete. After the walk, it was time for the cart and he did great here too. My baby may be wild, but he sure has a work ethic like few others. :)

By the way, the judge today said when touching James: “This guy sure gets lots of exercise. He’s rock hard”...and that he is. My little baby has always been a bad eater, but muscles he's still managed to get. :)

My Old Baby is back from the country, so I'm gonna walk over to my mom and dad's apartment and pick him up. My old yummy Stinky Baby... :)


TE said...

Jag tror att om Alih varit med skulle han ha vunnit. TE

Jennie said...

Vad duktige ni är! Det gick ju jättebra! Stort GRATTIS!