Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Saturday

We had WP training this morning and we were a whole bunch of people with dogs taking off for a long drag weight walk. Cool!

Other than that, nothing much has been done today - just chillin’ … I’m going to my parents home in the country tomorrow, my dad will help fix something on my car. I think I will do some training with Jay while there… some obedience and a drag weight walk maybe.

I'm excited about next weekend already. It’s a Dog Show in the city and my wonderful friend Gabbi will show her gal, Vilma… and Marina from Kennel Needful Thing’s will show Ior - it's his first show. EXCITING!!! Of course I will be there to cheer them on.

Any locals who are planning on coming to the show? Jennie (with Bamse) maybe? Let me know, maybe we can meet up.

Anyhow, wishing you all a continued fabulous weekend.


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Jennie said...

Hejsan Lina!
Jag hann ju inte med att anmäla Bamse till utställningen i Ö-b!
Däremot ska jag på en goldenutställning i Sala den 14:e (feb.) Men jag hoppas att det går bra för dig och James och alla dina vänner som ska dit! Jag går in & läser era resultat. Hälsa Gabbi och Wilma!
Kramar Jennie