Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm upset

Tonight was the 2nd time Alih had to be "attacked" by this Border Collie who lives in our building.

The first time it happened was when Mr. L took Alih out for a late-night-walk and the damn dog jumped the tiny little fence they have surrounding their patio area. Fortunately, the dog has never actually gotten a hold of Alih, but he wants to fight no doubt about it. That’s the only reason why he’s coming full speed in the first place. This time Mr. L managed to sort of fight him off… ‘cause don’t think she (the owner) came out, she just kept screaming from inside her place for the dog to come back. FU(&(%&%¤&%¤c#&%Y/k&!!!!!!!!!

I may also add, today, when Mr. L came home he ran in to one of our neighbors who has a small dog. They informed him that their dog was attacked yesterday, by this dog in particular. Another neighbor with a small poodle was attacked at night some time ago (I cannot say for sure if it was this dog though, because the old man who owns the poodle said he could not see much since it was dark outside, but there is no one else inside the courtyard who keeps having their dog/dogs off leash). The only reason why this keeps happening is because this dumb woman has her dog off leash and she has NO CONTROL over him. NONE WHATSOEVER! I have met her and the dog on walks and she can barley hold on to him when meeting other dogs. I mean – how much does a Border Collie weigh? Give me a damn break. Get a proper collar and leash and there won’t be any problems.

Anyhow, back to what happened tonight.

Alih and I took the elevator down to the garage. As we exited the elevator I saw her and the dog (off leash) heading towards another elevator at the other end of the garage. We stood still hoping that her dog would not spot us, and it almost worked. Just as they were about to enter the elevator the dog saw us and took off towards us- full speed! GA%?aaar&%#?gHHHHHH!!!

Alih is a good boy so he’s not about to start anything. But the damn dog circled around us … and went for attack. Despite being very dog aggressive he's somewhat of a sissy so Alih had no problems keeping him at bay, but of course I don’t want neither of them to get injured. I tried to scare the dog off at the same time as I was holding on to a FURIOUS Alih. Good for that woman I can control my dog. She eventually made it up to us and grabbed a hold of her dog. We did not say a word to each other – she just grabbed her dog and pulled him away.

Once they had left the garage we headed towards our car. As I pulled out she was all of a sudden back in the garage (without dog) and walked up to my car, so I stopped. She asked if everything was ok and I told her Alih was fine, the dogs never actually got a hold of each other so there were no injuries but that does not mean it was not incredibly upsetting and unnecessary. I told her it was not the first time it happened and that I was highly upset about that. One time an accident– ok, I can live with that…but not 2 times or more. For someone like me who owns two dogs (i.e. breeds) that are labeled “bad and dangerous” I don’t get ANY chances. If I can make sure my dogs never end up in any “bad situations” why cannot other people do the same thing with their dogs? Shit only happens when people are careless.

I was gonna call our landlord immediately but once she came back and talked to me, I calmed down and felt I could give her another chance. Once we came home though and I told Mr. L what had happened he said to call the landlord anyway. Next time it may not be Alih but James the dog wants to attack, and you never know the outcome of that. James is great around other males (despite not being neutered) but I have a hard time believing he would accept that kind of behavior. I think he would get furious just like Alih, and all it has to take is one fight and he might never get along with other males again. Not to mention injures on both him and the other dog. I would attack her (the owner) if that were to happen (you understand I'm only joking right?). I mean no matter what, it's not her dog's fault, it's her fault.

What do you guys think I should do? Hope that she understands the seriousness and stops being careless - or should I contact the landlord regardless? She's had enough chances as it is?


Jennie said...

Jag tycker nog att ni ska ringa innan det händer något allvarligt!
Men kanske kan man tala med fler grannar som äger hund, få ngra utlåtande som stärker händelserna...
Vet inte, men en attack är väl en förmkt egentligen?!Det är en svår situation..
Hoppas att det ordnar sig, det är ju inte roligt att gå på "spänn" så fort man ska ut o rasta sin hund!
Många kramar Jennie

lorraine said...

Hi your dogs are very beatiful, Im sorry to hear that this other dog in your block is being unfriendly. Maybe you can ask the owner to take it to some dog socialization classes.

Im wondering if you know of anyone in Sweden that could give some spanish stray dogs a home.
there is a beatiful black pitbull and some other nice dogs please look at the facebook page if you know of anyone many thanks

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh you poor guys, what an awful position to be in. I'm afraid i'd have to agree with Mr L though and phone the landlord, just to let him know the situation, as you say, if either of your boys did anything, even if it was to defend himself and not his fault at all, you can bet on what the outcome would probably be. Your neighbour is being incredibly unfair and irresponsible to put her neighbours and their dogs in danger like this!
Is she the kind of person you could talk to, not when angry and after a situation, but to let her know how you feel about this and tell her you fear for your dogs as well as hers? Let her know that if you see the dog off leash again that you will report her- and mean it! Her dog is her responsibility and she should have him under control at all times, if she can't manage that she shouldn't have him, and if she loved him, she'd manage!
My boys have been attacked by the same dog two times each, it was a BC and it took me repeatedly reporting him to the dog warden, the dog used to run free on the beach and is extremely territorial. But, he would always go for the smaller dog, the first two times it was Snoop he went for, but when Alfie met him as a puppy, he ignored Snoop and went for Alfie. I ended up having to leash him, drag him to his owner's house and threaten them with all sorts before it sunk in!
Good luck with it and keep us posted on the situation! Chin-up!
Slobbers xx

Lois Lane/Laney said...

I'd definitely contact the landlord since it's happened more than once, and to other dogs too. He needs to know. And if it happens again, I wouldn't hesitate to call animal control or let the police know. It could be a potentially dangerous situation for you as well as the dogs.
She should know better, and I'm surprised no one has complained about her yet.
We have a zero tolerance policy in our neighborhood.

Amber said...

I think you should definitely call the landlord. It's happened multiple times and if the woman is not making an effort then something needs to be done. Like you said, you have to be careful with your dogs because of their breed repuatations (caused by bad owners) so I think you have every right to call. Good luck and your boys are lucky to have such a good dog Mom. :)

Amber & Nala