Sunday, November 30, 2008

Change of Plans

Mr. L and I were supposed to spend the weekend in the country. Actually, we should have left Thursday morning, but that changed to leaving Saturday morning… which also changed. Now, it’s down to me going to the country tomorrow (today Sunday), just me and James…well, Alih is already there… and the 3 of us are gonna spend the week there while my folks are heading to the city for work. I'm looking forward to that, it will be nice with some alone time with my 2 furry babies. There will be LOTS of kissing and hugging … believe you me! ;)

I also have a ton of school work to take care of. I am always out in the last minute, typical of me. Especially this last semester when I’m so dead tired of school. I need to get my priorities straight and work my ass off this week!

Did some X-mas decorating today. It’s definitely not much in this house, but the typical "Swedish X-mas candle lights” have come out… the ones we place in the windows. For any non-Swedes, you have probably seen them if you’ve ever been to Ikea during X-mas time.

To give you an idea of how they look like:

I'm starting to get excited about next weekend - Hund 2008 in Stockholm (the big Dog Show). I learned today that Jay's breeder is not coming due to one of her dogs is about to have puppies... but 2 of Jay's brothers will be there - Atlas & Lucas. :) Jamie's brothers... how cute huh... the Stand Strong Brothers..hihi.. If you are interested in getting an AmStaff puppy I'd recommend you to check out kennel Stand Strong where Jay is from. Puppies are soon to arrive...:)

I hope all Americans have survived Thanksgiving. All the eating and shopping can take a toll on the body. :)

Peace Out.

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Jenny said...

Tusen tack! Är du laddad för Stockholm nu då?? Hopps du ställer själv denna gången ;-) Ses då! Kramar Jenny, Hild & Dundra