Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm here

James and I left the city at a descent time this morning, well descent for having been up until after 2:30 A.M. In the country we were united with Alih, and James was soooo happy to see his older bro again. Alih is next to my side right now, while the little devil child is in the bed with my mom... and trust me, she's not too happy about having dogs in the bed... but James pretends he has no clue. :)

My dad and I put up some X-mas lights today, but they are barley visible on the pic. :( A X-mas tree will arrive in due time as well. The neighbor has a really nice tree, might have to pay them a little visit tonight... hehe...

Above: My parents house in the country. Looks so boring without any snow.. but I think it might snow this week again. I'm crossing my fingers...

Above: My furry children, the blue one is always super proud when he gets to be next to his old super cool bro. :) Oh and check out their blue little lights they have one.. it flashes like crazy..It's so I can see where they are when we are out in the dark... ;) In this part of the world, it's pitch black by 4 P.M.
Above: The Little Devil Child

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Gabbi said...

Ha ha, så grann man är då!
Hur känns det i magen inför helgen? Jag har drömt om diverse scenarios hela natten och är redan trött på Hund 2008. Måste vi åka?