Monday, November 24, 2008

Late Night Walk

I just came back in from "the-late-night pee-&-poo-walk" with Jay. And it was so nice with all the snow that Jay and I couldn't help ourselves, we had to go for a longer walk. Considering it's gonna get warmer in the next few days, we better enjoy the snow ... 'cause soon, soon it will all be gone.:(

A few seconds ago my young son came out in the living-room with something in his mouth, all happy and playful. I was like "now what?" ... 'cause if it's not my slippers it's something else... and it was a BIG piece of foam from his bed. I swear, there is like nothing left of his bed soon. He has completely demolished it. Every chance he gets he goes to attack on that poor bed... either rips foam pieces from it, or rapes it. The boy is freak! :)

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