Thursday, November 27, 2008

What kind of dog are you?

Sorry, this test is in Swedish only. I found it online. So all Swedes or Swedish speakers, take it and let me know what breed you are.

Guess what breed I am?

Hihi... I'm a Bull mastiff :)
I'm not surprised, it suites me pretty good considering it has several similar traits to a Rottweiler which I believe is the breed that suites my personality the best.

Guess what breed Mr. L is?

A Bulldog..hihi...
This is also perfect, he always keeps saying he wants a bulldog...

There are only 8 breeds (of which you can "become"), and they are:
* Bernese Mountain Dog (på svenska: Berner Sennen)
* Bulldog
* Bull mastiff
* Cocker spaniel
* Golden Retriever
* Great Dane
* Jack Russel Terrier
* Pug (på svenska: mops)

Here's the test.

Good Luck! :)

ps. You can read more about the personalities each breed represents in this test by clicking here.


Fredrika said...

ha ha jag vart en cocker spaniel...kram freddan

Stina said...

Hej! tack för titten i vår blogg och för en trevlig kommentar. Du har också jätte fina hundar, riktiga goingar. Hit kommer vi igen! Ha en underbar helg!

L.E.W. said...

Så Miss Hazel blev en Cocker Spaniel, Linda en Bull mastiff, och min morsa en bull dog. :)

L.E.W. said...

TE (min far) blev bull mastiff.

Gabbi said...

Ha ha, jag blev en cocker (förmodligen den sista hunden jag skulle komma släpandes m i kopplet...inget fel m ej min typ). Tony blev en bullmastiff (han gillar att snacka skit om chefen...)
Kram Gabbi