Saturday, December 27, 2008

No, I don't wanna be sick...

I stayed up late last night, it was probably around 3 A.M by the time I closed my eyes. I could not sleep so I made myself comfortable in bed (Mr. L sleeping right next to me but not hearing a thing) with my laptop in the lap and with the Sex & the City movie running. Yeeees! Now we're talking! ;) I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Unfortunately, the smile was all gone by the time I woke up. My throat & ears were hurting, I had a headache and an itchy runny nose. :( We were supposed to meet the Hazelhill team at 10 A.M. for a walk but ended up cancelling it. Mr. L & my Dad took care of the dogs instead. By the time they were back the sun had managed to come out so I just had to go out and take some pics. I probably should have stayed inside considering I feel like crap now.

Once the photo session was over, Jay and I did some obedience again. He's really good, it's like he needed the break to let it all sink in. I love it! We worked on heel free (fritt följ), moving down (läggande under gång), recall (inkallning), moving stand (stående under gång). He also got a chance to do a little search - boy does he love that. His tail wags like crazy while he's working... and he works and works and works.. hihi.

I also did some heel with Alih - of course - the old baby needs to feel good about himself too and he was so happy and content.
Here are some pics:

My grandpa is visiting today... we're stuffing our faces with even more Xmas food. I will explode soon, I swear. ;)
Not feeling too good, it sucks that I feel worse now than when I woke up this morning. It's not going in the right direction. I hate being sick!!! (well who doesn't?) Maybe it's time for a nap 'cause tomorrow I will be FINE. You watch. ;) I don't have time to be sick, I have way too much school work for that. Yes, school work ... we don't have Xmas breaks at the Swedish Universities... the fall semester does not end until the middle of January. So not until the 19th of January am I done with my 2-Year Master's Degree in Business Administration (majoring in Management, Leadership, Organization & Marketing). Cannot wait!!!

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Qaroline said...

Hej kusinvitamin! Tänkte kolla om du har tid och träffa mig den 3e?=) försöker styra upp lite grann och kan ju för allt i världen inte missa dig, Mr L och vovvarna den här gången. Hör av dig! Pussar o kramar