Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Lovely Christmas

We had a nice X-mas. In Sweden we celebrate and exchange gifts on the 24th of December, on Christmas Eve in other words, so our BIG day was yesterday.

It began with our regular tradition which means breakfast at our cousins. The boys are so big now, that there is no Santa Claus coming any longer.. hihi.. In the afternoon my grandparents came over to us (meaning my parents house). My mom had cooked and prepared lots of delicious Xmas food. After dinner it was time for the exchanging of the gifts. The dogs loved opening up their gifts. :)

Since we don't celebrate Xmas with any extended family, our Xmas has always been very nice and relaxed.. no stress involved.

Mr. L's family is obviously celebrating Xmas today in New York City. We just spoke to them, and gifts had already been exchanged & opened up. ;) We wish you a continued fabulous Xmas Day. Same goes to everybody else (friends and others) in the United States ...

XOXO from Sweden.

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