Sunday, December 07, 2008

HUND 2008

The Stockholm Dog Show was held today. We decided in the last minute to leave 30 min earlier than originally planned (so we left at 6 A.M.)... which meant that at 4:50 A.M. my alarm clock went off. Wakey, wakey - Rise and Shine...:)

I never finished my school paper yesterday (what a surprise!!!) so I had to finish it tonight once we got home. I sent it in about 20 min ago, with about 40 min to spare before the deadline. hihi.. Typical!

Anyhow, so the show today was a disappointment for reasons I don't care to discuss on the blog. However, Gabbi and Vilma did great. They won their group and received an HP prize. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

James received a red ribbon (quality 1) but he came 5th in the competition (the reserve spot). James was not completely focused in the ring, but that's not why I am unhappy ... but oh well. Shit happens!

I still had fun though, I met my "old" friend Jennie and her daughter at the show. They were there showing their Golden Retriever Bamse - and Bamse did great. Congratulations!!! I also met the owner of Jay's brother Lucas. Lucas should have been shown today but ended up getting sick in the last minute... too bad! We also got to meet Atlas (Jay's other bro) and his family .. and we obviously got to spend some quality time with Gabbi too. Oh and we met Jenny, Ewa and Dundra ... Dundra did great (1kv, 3kk with CK I think). Congrats!!!!
So we met lots of nice people!!!!!

Several people came up to James while we were waiting to enter the ring, they thought he was so pretty, they wanted to say hi to him and take pics of him. So even though the judge didn't particularly care for him, other people did. My Blue Thunder ... hihi...

Here's James critic (in Swedish):
Maskulin hanhund, huvud med bra proportioner. Något knapp underkäke, välformade ögon, välansatta men något stora öron. Stark hals, (tror det står) kort överlinje, bra ansatt svans, goda vinklar bak, knappa fram, goda rörelser från sidan.

In English:
Masculine male dog, head/skull with good proportions. Somewhat short under jaw, Well-shaped eyes, Well-placed but somewhat big ears, strong neck, (I think it says) short top line, Well-carried tail, Good angles back, narrow in the front, good movements from the side.

The judge was Patrik Cederlöf.

Above: Here's James and I.

Above: The first pic is of Atlas (Jay's bro) and the 2nd pic is of Jennie's dog Bamse. Sooo cute!

Above: Gabbi and Vilma at the "Winner's Podium" on pic one. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hej Lina! Tackar för grattiset! Var James också trött efter den här dagen eller? Bamse sov hela vägen hem och ville in direkt hemma! Han kissade en liten skvätt innan vi gick in, sedan sov han till klockan var 22.30! Då var det dax att rastas igen, för att få gå och sova vidare ha,ha....Vad kul att Bamse fastnade på kort på din blogg!Hoppas att vi hörs/ses snart igen. Det är ju en inoff. utställning i Ö-B i Januari el. Februari. Funderar på att anmäla dit! Ha det så bra!
Kramar Jennie & Bamse