Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lucy's MH

Lucy did her mental test last Sunday. This test can not be compared to the CGC test, this is much more extensive and it really is a mental test. They check her drive and put her through what can be experienced as scary situations only to name a few parts of the test. In order to compete in any type of working trial in Sweden, with a Working Breed that's over 18 months, one must have done this test. It really wouldn't mean much to you even if I translated the results in to English, but I can tell you this much. Lucy did great! :)

Above are pics from only a few parts of the test, mainly when they tested her playfulness but also from one part where she's being put in to a tricky situation - 2 ghosts show up from different directions and start heading towards us.... ..scary, scary... ;) The last pic is from the "shooting test". I had to play with her while they shoot 2 rounds, and preferably the dog will continue to play with you even while shots are being fired. Which Lucy did! After play, the dog has to stand still next to you while they shoot another 2 rounds and preferably the dog will not react to that either... which Lucy didn't. :)


Lucy gjorde sitt MH förra söndagen den 3/4 -2011 vid Örebro Brukshundsklubb. Beskrivare var Sven-Einar Holmsten.

Det gick bra, hon hade lite rädslor för spökena men överlag gjorde hon mycket bra ifrån sig. Beskrivarn blev väldigt imponerad och sa t.o.m "skulle jag ha en rottweiler skulle jag vilja ha den här tjejen. Här har du en utmärkt brukshund. Jag hoppas jag kommer få se mycket av er på bruksplan"... dessutom sa han till mig att det förpliktigar att ha en så vacker hund, att hon måste ställas ut. Ja, dessa kommentarer får man väl ta som positiva. ;)

Här kommer iaf Lucys MH resultat:

1a Kontakt/hälsning = 4
1b Kontakt/samarbete= 4
1c Kontakt/hantering = 3
2a Lek 1/leklust = 5
2b Lek 1/gripande = 3
2c Lek 1/dragkamp = 3
3a Förföljande = 4 & 1
3b Gripande = 2 & 1
4 Aktivitet = 2
5a Avst. lek/intresse = 5
5b Avst lek/Hot/agg = 1
5c Avst lek/Nyfikenhet = 4
5d Avst lek/Leklust = 4
5e Avst. lek/Samarbete = 4
6a Överraskn./Rädsla = 3
6b Överraskn. /Hot/Agg= 2
6c Överraskn./nyfikenhet = 3
6d Överraskn./kvarstående rädsla = 2
6e Överraskn./Kvarstående intresse = 2
7a Ljudkänsl./rädsla = 3
7b Ljudkänsl./nyfikenhet = 3
7c Ljudkänsl./kvarstående rädsla = 1
7d Ljudkänsl./kvarstående intresse = 1
8a Spöken/hot/agg = 2
8b Spöken/kontroll = 4
8c Spöken/rädsla = 5
8d Spöken/nyfikenhet = 1
8e Spöken/kontakt = 3
9a Lek 2/Leklust = 5
9b Lek2/gripande = 3
10 Skott = 1


Sandra said...

Grattis!!! Det var mkt fina ord! Kram & ses snart ;)

houndstooth said...

That sounds like a pretty involved test. I've never heard of anything like that here. Congrats to you and Lucy for passing! :)

Jennie said...

Det var ju suveränt!:)

Priscilla said...

Congratulations. Those Swedish mental tests are pretty hard stuff! Well done to both you and Lucy!