Friday, January 09, 2009

Weekend Plans

We came back from dinner with my cousins, their parents (i.e. my "aunt" & uncle) and my parents a short while ago. We ate soooooo much I could explode any second. ;) One of my cousins, Q, is flying back to New York on Monday where she attends college. It's always great to see them all!

Tomorrow, the Weight Pull Club is resuming after a holiday break. I’m sure Jay will be a happy camper. We actually did some drag weight training this morning … and as always, he’s happy when he’s being put to work. On Sunday I will be attending a class with Jay, it is held in another city about 30 min from here. We will train “show handling” half the day, and the rest of the day obedience. We are taking the class with our very good friends Gabbi & Vilma which will be great fun, looking forward to seeing them again considering we have not seen each other since the Dog Show in the beginning of December.

Other than that, my weekend is filled with school work. I’m in a group with 2 other girls, and we have to be done with this research paper by Monday. And on Monday I need to start another research paper I’m doing by myself. I already have all the empirical data but everything else needs to be done. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
I cannot wait for this to be OVER and DONE with!!!!

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Jacueline said...

tack för en trevlig middag kusinen :) är fortfarande mätt må jag säga, haha! planksteken var god, eller vad säger du? ;)