Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Movie News

Despite being very busy with school I have managed to watch several movies over the Holidays - and up until now. I have always been a movie buff, however, I'm not difficult to entertain as long as it's not science fiction. I love action, comedy and even drama in the right amounts. :) Science fiction I hate .. and yes, the Dark Knight is definitely on the border... which is probably why I fell asleep after awhile... hihi..

These are the latest movies I/we have seen:

Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins
Comedy - with Martin Lawrence
Very funny... my type of humor.

Thriller - with Woody Harrelson
It was good, but a very unexpected movie... it took some turns I wasn't prepared for.

The Bank Job
Action - with Jason Stratham
This was a really good movie. It has similarities to the movie Lock, Stock and Smoking Barrels.

The Dark Knight
Action - with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger
Well, like I said.. maybe not the best movie I have ever seen but I'm sure it may be a great movie for someone else.

Action - with Val Kilmer
This was a movie I loved. Yeeees, lots of action.

Bangkok Dangerous
Action - with Nicolas Cage
It was alright. I mean it was entertaining to a certain degree, but it was bordering being a B-movie.

That's it from Movie News Tonight. ;)


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Miss Hazel said...

Hoho din filmnörd! Bestämt dig än om du vill se Australia?!