Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Swedish Blogs

Of course I have found some Swedish blogs too.. well some have websites & blogs and although most of them are about dogs, not all of them are... some mix "dog stuff" with other things (kind of like I do). Again, they are all in Swedish but some of them post a lot of really beautiful dog pics... so it might be worth checking 'em out even if you don't speak Swedish. ;)

Bästaste - a blog about a Rottie & a French Bulldog (they train a lot of tracking etc.).

Alfons & Sativa - a blog about a male Amstaff and a femal Amstaff/Pit Bull/Labrador mix (they train a lot of obedience, tracking etc.).

Stridsgudinnan - 2 female Amstaffs (Dog Show active).

Krutrut - a website & a blog about 2 female Bordeaux dogs... Takes some AMAZING pics.

Bosse & Stig-Helmer - 1 Bullterrier and 1 Staffie (Jay's team-mates from the weight pull club).

Kennel FireWoods - a website & blog (a breeder of Amstaffs - also takes some REALLY great pics).

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Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

The shots on Krutrut are amazing. How do you find all of these?