Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad News - Good News

Well, it must have been back in October or November that I started looking for some jobs in the UK. As the planner I am, I immediately started looking in to all the pet travel rules and I learned that dogs of pit bull type are not allowed in the UK. I did not think much about it considering I don’t own a pit bull and I remembered how many Staffordshire Bull terriers and Bull terriers I saw when I lived in London. But as I started reading up on this law I learned that it did effect me too – or rather James. There are 4 types of dogs that are prohibited by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991(DDA):

the Pit Bull Terrier
the Japanese tosa
the Dogo Argentino
the Fila Brasileiro

Again, when I first read this I did not think it would affect James… but… then I found this:

"It is important to note that, in the UK, dangerous dogs are classified by “type”, not by breed label. This means that whether a dog is considered dangerous, and therefore prohibited, will depend on a judgment about its physical characteristics, and whether they match the description of a prohibited 'type'. This assessment of the physical characteristics is made by a court. The maximum penalty for illegal possession of a prohibited dog is a fine of £5,000 and/or 6 months’ imprisonment. The dog may also be destroyed... "

"It is important to note the word “type”, as none of the prohibited dogs are recognised
breeds in Great Britain. The terms of section 1 of the DDA make it clear that it applies
not only to “pure” Pit Bull Terriers but also to any dog of the type known as the Pit
Bull Terrier."

"If a person arriving in this country produces paperwork that purports to prove that
the dog is not a prohibited type it is necessary for the authorities to be cautious.
Paperwork accompanying the dog should be detailed and comprehensive. Owners
should be aware that if the dog displays the defining characteristics that are
represented in the prohibited types the dog could be seized and its fate decided by the courts irrespective of the paperwork.
It is therefore necessary to be very cautious when buying a dog that is not Kennel Club registered particularly if you are considering bringing a dog to this country from overseas."

And than I found a section called frequently asked questions and read this:

Q. My dog is an American Staffordshire Terrier (Am Staff) and I have got
the papers to prove it and I also have the necessary documentation for
my dog to travel under the Pet Travel Scheme. Will it be allowed into
the country?

A. Our advice is not to bring an Am Staff into this country as we cannot guarantee that it will not be seized and its fate decided by a Court.

All of the above info can be found here.

Despite having read this I still contacted DEFRA, however, I was told the same thing. That sealed the case, we are not gonna be able to move back to the UK. For days after this, I was so disappointed and sad ‘cause looking for jobs in the UK was now completely ruled out.

Well, that was until last night when I found a “pit bull blog” and learned that this law could potentially be sloped. HALLELUJAH!!!

Check it out here.

I will have to follow this outcome closely…. Lets cross our fingers! :)


Dughallmor Beagles said...

OOoh, we await updates! Sad that all dogs of the same "type" are tarred with the same brush when 9 times out of 10 the problem is irresponsible owners :! Good luck with it and keep us posted :o)
Beagley slobbers xx

Linda said...

Det var var tråkiga och hoppfulla nyheter. Tycker dom ska ta hand om ägarna istället! Jag menar alla odugliga hund ägare i denna värld. Dom gör så stor skada, för både raser och andra ansvarsfulla ägare. Håller tummarna för dig. Vet vad mycket det betyder för dig! Stor kram ifrån mig!

Miss Hazel said...

Japp, film när allt lugnat sig! Överlevde examinationen idag, skönt, bara en dags praktik kvar sen är engelskan klar! Hur går det för dig då? Inne på slutspurten? Kram // Annie

Anna said...

"The dog may also be destroyed... "
Vilken fantastisk formulering om jag översätter lite snabbt till svenska så kan man ju nästa tro att det är en sak och inte djur man diskuterar. Lycka till med allt i alla fall.

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