Friday, January 02, 2009

My babies' 2008

How was 2008 for my “sons” – what happened in their lives?

Well Alih officially became OLD. ;) He spent most of the time sleeping, farting & eating… in that specific order. ;)

Of course LOTS happened to James. He turned 1 in August. He went from puppyhood to becoming a teenager to almost being a grown man. ;) Together, he and I have worked hard during the year of 2008. Obedience, tracking, weight pulling you name it. Jay also learned to swim during the summer, and boy was he an excellent swimmer.

We were introduced to the world of Dog Shows and to the sport of Weight Pulling during 2008. We started showing James and it went great, as a matter of fact he took his first CAC as a junior. In the fall we joined the local Weight Pull Club, an excellent form of training for James and something he really enjoys. We took several classes with Hundstyrkan (dog trainers) throughout the year, and joined the local Dog Club where we began to train more regularly.

Jay has challenged me in so many ways. But thanks to him I have also learned a lot. A new approach was necessary to deal with him, an approach that was completley different from dealing with Alih & Carlos... or for any dog that has been in my life for that matter. But with dedication and consistency, wonders do happen. ;)

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