Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Billy - a perfect diamond

There's really not much activity on this blog but I wanted to take a moment to remember Billy. Damn it feels so unfair what happened to him and it hurts really bad thinking about him. He was AMAZING! This boy was, and would have continued being, a diamond. He was perfect in every possible way and we loved him deeply from the second we saw this baby.

Yesterday was a year since we had to say Good-bye... waaaaay, waaaaay too early. I try to console myself by thinking that he has no pain now, no more limping. He can run around and have a blast. And I know my big boyz - Alih & Carlos - are taking perfect care of this diamond boy.

We love you always - Billy! <3


Priscilla said...

I miss this boy too.
Hope you are running happily wherever you are Billy <3

Krutrut-Lisa said...

Ofantligt sorgligt... de där jävla årsdagarna man borde bara passerat & fortfarande haft dem i livet.

Kram på er!