Sunday, August 08, 2010

All weekend loooong...

I love the above pic! It was taken while in the country a few weeks back. Mr. L was in bed reading and Jamie had to squeeze in...cuddling with Daddy while looking out through the window at the same time = Good times! :D
It's Sunday evening and I'm dead beat. I have been at the WP Club both Saturday and Sunday all day long. Today, people from all over Sweden came for a joint training day. Great fun! The Swedish Championship in Weight Pulling is held in our city in about 3 weeks so a lot of people wanted to come and "test drive" our track. It was a lot of fun but now I'm sooo tired.

Billy was with me at the club all day yesterday, and today it was Jamie's turn as he got to do some serious pulling. He did good, I'm happy. Pics from our day today will come in due time. ;)
Det är söndagkväll och jag är slut som artist. Hela helgen har spenderats ute vid WP klubben. Idag hade vi samträning med några andra lokalgrupper som var tarva på att få prova på vår bana inför det kommande SM:et. Och ja, det har varit jättekul ... men trött blir man.

Billy var med mig hela dagen igår vid klubben när vi grejade och förberedde inför idag .. och idag har Jamie varit med hela dagen. Han drog vagn och jobbade på riktigt bra. Bilder från dagen kommer i sinom tid... ;)

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