Friday, January 01, 2010

Alih's Belated 10th B-day Party

Since I was sick when Alih turned 10 (November 21) we decided to have a b-day party on another day. And what better day than to celebrate him on the day our beloved Carlos would have turned 10!!!

Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, Alih finally got his 10th Birthday Party! His beloved brother Carlos and his best friends from LA were deeply missed, however, he still managed to have a BLAST! :)

He received gifts, a cake, a pig ear... and he got a chance to tease his little brother (i.e. James) crazy with his new toys. :)

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angelica och santoz said...

Sötnosen! :) Han ser så lycklig och nöjd ut med paketen! Han är ju bara för fin, hans utseendesäger mer än ord :)
Hoppas ni mår bra! Här hemma är det sjukstuga, kan inte sova så därför klockslaget :)