Monday, July 27, 2009

Previous Post

I'd like to explain to all the English speakers that my previous post called "Weight Pull Tävling" was an advertisement for the competition our local Weight Pull Club is hosting on Saturday, August the 1st. James and I are not competing for several reasons, however, the main one being that we will be busy working as hosts. We will have competitors coming from all over Sweden, as well as competitors arriving from Finland so this could become a very interesting and fun competition to watch! ;)

We need nice weather in ordet to attract a large audience and for the competition to become a success - so our fingers are crossed.

I will post pics from the competition next week. Wish us GOOD LUCK, please! :)


Stina said...

Vi önskar lycka till. Kramen

Ulrika said...

Lycka till på tävlingen!!!! Hoppas vi ses snart...du bara måste träffa lill-batman (namnet fick han på kenneln, men Wilma vill inte byta...haha...mormor vill att den ska heta Hugo).

Kram kram